Hands-On Dental Healing

It’s the original of originals- baby cries, and mother picks her up and cradles her– voila, all better. Silly me never realized we all have the power in our hands, to heal. “Let me kiss the boo boo and make it all better” is a chant we have heard from mothers throughout the decades tending skinned knees.      Lips-on healing (from the same family!!).

It doesn’t take a lot of study or practice (although some practice for a lifetime)- just a deep and sincere desire to heal- to do God’s work. I have had several opportunities to practice on Jimmie since I became interested in this technique. Each time, I place my right hand on the problem area, and my left hand on the body as well, to sort of complete the circuit. Then I take the next few minutes silently expressing my intention, asking for God’s help as everything comes from Him, and putting forth my best healing energy. Here of some examples of the healing work I have done on Jimmie;

  • Toothache– the filling has fallen out and part of what’s left of the tooth has cracked off- the nerve seems to be exposed causing pain. A dentist would insist on replacing the filling as the only solution to end the daily pain. I place my hands on his face with my right hand over the bad tooth area and silently request the exposed nerve to retreat back into Jimmie’s gum, remove the pain, and heal the area. I silently give the tooth several commands such as “expel any decay, remove all pain, nerve go back up into the gum” and such, and put forth my energy. After a few moments, Jimmie reports a significant/positive change in his tooth area. He told me it felt like the nerve had gone back up into the gums and no longer felt sensitive. Ha- that’s exactly what I asked it to do! This was a year ago and he has yet to need the dentist.
  • Knee– the right knee was injured in 2007 by banging it on a metal ladder. Had I known just how severe the injury was at the time, I would have tried to get some immediate relief for him, but you know how stoic men can be- sometimes they are too proud to admit that they’ve been hurt. So I did not become aware that he had a nagging burning pain in his knee that just wouldn’t quit until last year, 2011. I had to try my hands-on healing again placing my right hand on the sore knee with my left hand under it. I prayed for the pain and burning to leave and movement and health restored to the knee. I seem to have something going here, because again, the burning has significantly decreased and Jimmie’s knee is remarkably improved.
  • Toe– today Jimmie’s right big toe is bothering him- it is stiff and burning and he can hardly move it. This is a result of banging the foot against something hard about 6 months ago and has been giving him trouble ever since. He feels he broke the toe. I want to do some hand-on healing so I hold the toe/foot with both hands and begin. This time I directed several homeopathic remedies to enter his body (I do this silently)… Syymphytum officinal for bone healing, Arnica for inflamation from injury, and Hypericum for nerve pain caused by injury. I made several requests of his body, asked for God’s help, and put forth my greatest intention for the homeopathic remedies to heal Jimmie’s toe. After several moments I removed my hands and asked for a report. “Look” he said as he wiggled his big toe, which earlier was too stiff to move. “You really did it. My toe is much better, and the burning is gone.”

I simply used a new method to deliver homeopathy, fusing healing styles. This is fun, mind-boggling, crazy, and Jimmie feels a lot better!

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