Ne Lexapro

I think I now understand the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist- the drugs. A psychiatrist will argue that a drug addict with a dual diagnosis needs meds for the mental illness component of the condition. We’d first have to agree that addiction is a disease, which I do not, and then believe that drugs are the answer to psych problems, which I do not. Leave it to me to follow the road less traveled. My daughter’s rehab recently sent her out to have an evaluation which consisted of a 1 hour session with a shrink, who out of one side of his month says he’d be depressed too, if he were her (validating and appropriating her feelings) and then out of the other side, offered her Lexapro.  WTF ?  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to send Alison to my ideal rehab, cause it does not exist;

  • The chief doctor would be a astro-homeopathist
  • Dowsing lessons would replace some of the pity parties (group sessions)
  • Chakra balancing,  radionics, Sai Sanjeevini patterns and homeopathy, as well as Bach flower remedies, would replace psychotropic drugs.

But again, this place only exists in my vain imagination.

I shall not bore you with a list of debilitating and dangerous side effects Lexapro may have  (including suicidal thoughts- go figure) but rest assured that it is on my list of no-no designer drugs. Alison never consulted me, but decided on her own… Lexapro?   ne, nee, yelem,  che, na, hm, dac, non,  da,                                                                                                                       mme, nie, kue, kai, uu, na, aye,nde, nia-                                                                                        in any language ‘NO”

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