Doing Much Better, Thanks

I am usually talking about this person or that, and rarely about myself, although last week I did reveal a lot about my own health issues, and I want to follow up about what treatments and remedies are working for me.

First and foremost, my chiropractor is terrific- in just 2 sessions my shoulders are loosening up (not without much pain though), my right shoulder is not so high up, my posture is improved as have my energy levels. She works on my low back, I.T. bands, feet and neck, using trigger points, adjustments, and massage. The discipline of consistency is what I need to work on, and I am doing it, so far.

My blood pressure was off the charts last time I took it about a month ago (was under a lot of stress) and I have been using Sai Sanjeevini high blood pressure pattern about every 3 days since then. My chiropractor took my BP last week and it was a cool 118 over 65. I was very very happy with that.

I just took my 3rd and final dose of calcarea phosphoria 10m last night and have been holding my own with foot pain reduction (over the past 2 weeks) from about a 7 to a 5- also very promising. Who knows what other farther reaching effects the remedy is having on me. Remember, Jimmie dowsed to select this remedy and then he potentized it by using a piece of paper with the remedy written on it in black ink (using capital letters, I might add), dipped in salt water, dried, then placed on a decagon with a crystal glass of water placed on top. In 2 hours, we have Calcarea phosphoria 10m.

I have complained about my mouthful of bad dental work and dental caries, but am delighted to report that after only 2 faithful weeks of oil pulling every day, the condition of my mouth has changed dramatically. All the uncomfortable activity, tenderness, and redness in my lower jaw is gone, as well as the slightly bad taste and odor- all gone. I know I have a long way to go to shrink my 10mm pockets down to 5 or 4, and have complete confidence that continued swishing is the ticket, and will probably incorporate this procedure in my future oral hygiene program for life.

There is one last experiment going on, in regards to me. Jimmie has a picture of me between 2 magnets and a piece of paper with the rate for the color ‘yellow’ written on it, which is the healing color he dowsed for. It makes sense, as I am a Capricorn with bone issues- always cold and need the sun- yellow. Since he began that therapy, I have felt less depressed, more animated, and less angry.

I think one of the most uplifting things that happened this week was a call from my daughter, inviting me out for lunch over the weekend.  Hearing Alison’s voice is a remedy in and of itself!

Healing takes time- there is no quick fix for years of unresolved  health issues, but I’m not worried- our fusion approach along with patience and consistency is paying off. I love our metaphysical style, and we are in it for the long haul.

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