Massachusetts- No Respect has brought another disgusting issue to my attention- it looks like

picture of special needs student who was shocked as shown on MS NBC

they use electric shock on disabled children in state facilities in Massachusetts. It’s hard to imagine using this form of punishment/control on anyone, much less kids, and even worse, kids with disabilities, but a recent bill to ban this torture didn’t pass, and the atrocious acts continue.

I have heard of so many successes using homeopathy on an array of different disabilities, from learning disabilities and developmental delays, to autism or dyslexia, up to mental retardation. And here is an interesting sight  featuring Dr Gagandeep Singh and his work-    He has had phenomenal and unprecedented success treating the most difficult diseases of the world including cancers, brain tumors, thalassemia, renal failure, heart diseases and other similarly critical diseases using advanced homeopathy supported by real life patient information. They boast 95% of their patients avoided surgery. He has also done great work in the area of mental illness. And according to Dr. B.S. Bhosale M.D.,  “Perhaps no other system of medicine has such a superb approach of tackling the mind-body disorders with definite therapeutic agents. Homeopathic remedies are capable of influencing the state of mind. They can specifically act to alleviate emotional disturbance such as excessive anxiety, irritability, insecurity, obsessive traits, undue jealousy, suspicion (paranoid) fears, depression, neurosis etc. By relieving the emotions such as above, homeopathic remedies bring about harmonious state of health. Thus homeopathy demonstrates the possibility of the highest goal of medicine, the therapy for the person rather than for the disease alone. Homeopathic remedies can treat mental and Emotional Disturbed states.”

I would guess some  hands-on healing and plain old fashioned love would do these kids a world of good in addition to whatever else be chosen for them.  Actually, the possibilities for creative therapies for this population, are endless.

Knowing all this, one can only assume they enjoy using the cattle prod, as there are clearly other, better ways to influence behavior.

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