New Ways To Learn

It is amazing how those who read my blog inspire me, and how much I am learning from them along the way. Folks from over 50 countries are actually interested in the same things that I am- from Bangladesh to Belgium, Albania to Argentina, New Zealand to the Netherlands. Reading the search terms typed in to find my various articles are not only thought provoking but they solidify the sense of community I am feeling from those who find the time to read my blog.

There is a huge interest in Jani and Bodhi Schofield and schizophrenia, hep C, genetically modified food, and dowsing. These are all subjects I have written on and will continue to bring forth more information on, as it becomes available.

My list of categories gets longer and longer, but I will always write about my greatest passions;

• All the latest natural healing techniques and modalities
• Living metaphysical- dowsing
• Downsizing and putting less value on material goods
• Rethinking and revamping what we teach our children- new models
• Empowerment by learning to connect with the energy of the universe-
• Anything addiction                                                         
• Social injustice and human rights

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