More Holes In T Shirts

Had a lovely lunch with Alison yesterday, overlooking the harbor at Capistrano beach. After catching up and exchanging stories, she mentioned that a few of her cotton t shirts were starting to get holes in them, just like mine! I must have another look /see at all these holes, which the majority of my cotton T shirts have.

Again, I searched the internet for an explanation reasonably logical, and the only new theory I found was that of Monsanto using genetically modified cotton, and perhaps the fibers were weaker, so try buying organic cotton. But I’m not buying it- that would mean all my shirts were from Monsanto seed and all of Jimmie’s were not. Doesn’t seem logical. Some suggested it was a laundry problem, seat belt rubbing, parasites from the cloth, zipper catching, moths, aliens, or from belly piercing, none of which I buy. And it seems this is more common that I had expected- there is case, after case, after case, all with a similar scenarios and no logical explanation- metaphysical or otherwise.

The holes appear in the clothing of only one member of the family
They usually appear around the navel area
In just about every case the fabric is cotton

There is no Sai Sanjeevini pattern for holes in your T shirts, nor is there a homeopathic remedy I might suggest or a pattern I know to touch to either prevent or mend the holes. Astrology does not give me a clue into this phenomena either. But wait, I have an idea… I have to call my daughter because now I am curious and want to know exactly when this started for her, as, about 3 weeks ago Jimmie dowsed about the origin of the holes and found that a negative entity had attached itself to my etheric body, which of course he tried to remove from me. Perhaps the entity re-attached itself to my daughter…  How will I know if Jimmie cleared me of a negative entity ? By the future condition of my T shirts of course, and  how will I know if it re-attached itself to Alison?

By dowsing and asking.


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  1. C Arias
    Jun 10, 2016 @ 07:32:05

    I have the same issue with holes in my shirts. I began noticing these holes about three years ago. Some claim they are from pant button closures, however I get those hole on shoulders, below mid-chest as well as the navel area. My son also has holes in his shirts that mysterious appear after two to three washings. I have checked the fabric content of the shirts with holes and the length of time I have owned the shirt. Nearly everyone of my shirts with holes has either Viscose or Modal fabric content: these are the first to get holes. Interestingly enough, any shirts over five years old have no holes. Only shirts that I have purchased in the past one to three years have these mystery holes appeared. I believe there is a defect and integral weakness in the textiles that are being used to manufacture our shirts. And possibly it is also a marketing scheme to increase shirt sales. Basically not one of my soft casual shirts purchased last summer 2015 from Old Navy to Anne Taylor has been spared this unholy calamity: each has been subject to this unnatural, ‘hole’ effect.
    -unholy holes-

    • The Pendulist
      Jul 15, 2016 @ 21:18:13

      Funny, since I’ve moved from Hollywood to the Inland Empire, no more holes. I think I had entity attachments that left me when I left Hollywood