Signs Of Addiction Relapse

Far be it from me to point the finger at any one, or blow the whistle on them either. We must be very cautious when it comes to the matter of relapse, because, what if we missed the boat and just read the signs wrong, and the person didn’t actually  at all – how would that person feel? Like using, probably. But then, what about those red flags?

A lady who reads my blog has a son in rehab, and she is concerned because on her last visit with him, she thought she caught a few quick nods, and his skin was very broken out as well. She also said his face seemed very red.  These are some of the red flags of relapse we all recognize, and although he is in a facility, she knows all too well that where there’s a will there’s a way, and undoubtedly substance could have found it’s way to her son, even under supervision. I’m not accusing- I’m just saying. On one hand, the mother knows her son is randomly drug tested at the facility and there is little chance of any drugs getting in, and on the other, never under- estimate the determination of a drug addict. So what do I tell her? I cannot tell her if she is seeing the red flags of relapse, or something else. I can only listen and help her to arrive at her own conclusion and advise that she follow her gut.
This would be an ideal time to dowse for the answers this mother wants. If I were her, I would charge my son’s picture or sample on the decagon, perhaps with a crystal on top to build up bio resonance and even prepare my questions  a few hours before dowsing. I would definitely try to determine, through precise questioning, if he had indeed taken drugs and if so, when. I would also dowse for his craving levels, his over all physical condition, and the homeopathic remedy that would most benefit him, as well as for his healing color and healing note, which can be written out on paper and kept in his pocket or under his pillow at night.   But alas, this woman doesn’t dowse…

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