The Accuracy Of Dowsing

About 3 weeks ago, I started with my new chiropractor, a young woman about 30, who has, let’s say, an open mind. Our first visit was diagnostics only, which took about 45 minutes. Because one of my symptoms is leg cramps that randomly come on in the middle of the night, she did an interesting test on my calves  by wrapping the blood pressure cuff around my leg and puff puff puffed it up until I said “ouch”.  Left leg took 120 punds of pressure. Again puff puff puff until I said “ouch” on the right side. 150- a little better, but Dr Annie says I should be able to take it up to 200 or more pounds of pressure . Hmmmm. She explains to me that the micro capillaries (little veins) of my legs are not open enough and not getting enough blood flow, thus causing the cramps. She offered a solution- a product she had on back order called Cherry Bark (if Im not mistaken) some herbal/vitamin blend. I came home and said to Jimmie “Can’t I just dowse for a remedy that will dilate the micro capillaries of my legs?”, and he said “Of course”, but because I was still finishing the calcarea phosphorica, I held off and forgot it, since these leg cramps can go weeks without surfacing, and the calc phos was definitely helping my feet.

With each chiropractic visit, we spoke together in more detail about doing energy healing, and a little about my blog.  During my last session, I shared Jimmie’s experiment with color therapy using the rate for yellow (93486) to try to heal me at which point Dr. Annie asks “How do you go know what your healing color is?”  “Ahhhh ” I said- now we’re talking, and I told her about dowsing. I briefly told her my story about dowsing for borax (read my blog called “Dowsing At It’s Finest”) and I think I peaked her interest. We called it a day and I went home.

Last night I woke up with terrible cramps in my legs, which I never know when to expect. The way I have been dealing with them up until now is by taking aserium 30c immediately when I feel the cramps, and usually within 4 or so minutes, I get relief. This is what I did last night- alleviated the pain, and went back to sleep. This morning I had free time and wanted to dowse for my daughter’s health issues. When I was finished with her, I asked my pendulum if I would benefit from another dose of calc phos- No. The I asked if there was another homeopathic remedy (from the 151 remedy list) that would benefit my current condition. Yes, and my pendulum pointed somewhere between 30 and 35.  Number 34? Yes. Ok remedy 34, at the 10x dose, once a day for 12 days. That’s what my pendulum said. So I looked to see what was remedy 34. Carbo animalis- never heard of it- lets find out what it’s used for.  It only took me a minute of looking to find one of the primary uses for carbo animalis-  “Vascular conditions effecting little veins.”  Need I say more about the accuracy of dowsing?


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  1. chuck
    Feb 09, 2014 @ 21:56:34

    As a serious student I value your efforts beyond measure.
    You mentioned you have a ‘ton’ of dowsing charts available to share…
    would you kindly do that for me??