A Model Healing Center

Let me get back on my soap box and tell you that, past our physical needs, all we need is love- it spawns everything.  It’s in the bible and all great literature, and taught in homes, schools, and community.

But something happened along the way- our egos and selfish desires started coming before the basic needs of our brothers. The separation and inequities have become larger and more divided. We are not actuating the  ‘mutual guarantee’  and we just plain and simple don’t have unity- it’s lacking in relationships, family, and community. This calls for new thinking- new ways- new practices. Here are a few ideas;

• Family night- all cook together, clean up together, and then play together.
• Stay connected to out-of-town-family- call monthly- exchange photos- skype!
• Local talent organize monthly community concerts in the main part of town   at lunchtime- promote culture and entertain the working folk.
• Community gardens where everyone gets a plot of land, seed, and water- learn from each other
• A Center called “The Source”– on one side it’s an exchange center- you can bring in something old and trade it for what you need (or choose something from the ‘free’ bin), and on the other side it’s a wellness center with all modalities of natural healing provided as well as classes empowering individuals, with no payment required- donations only.
• Connect with God and the Universe- this is your beeline to love.

Some people have it backwards, but this is how I say it…

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