Speaking To Mother Nature

It is possible to communicate with everything in nature- trees, rocks, and even the wind. I have told you about the book called The Secret Life Of Plants, and all the evidence we have that plants can feel and react.

When Jimmie and I got serious about universal healing (for lack of a better term) we tried many things, to test the outcome. In most cases, we were completely and happily surprised;

When O’Shay (our beloved kitty) passed, we buried her on a hill behind our apartment building. Jimmie began digging on hard dry ground, which was difficult to break through with just the hand spade that he was using. At that moment, he asked Mother Earth to open receive O’Shay back into the earth, and with this request, the digging suddenly became easy and O’Shays grave was readied in no time.

I was preparing dinner, and cleaned a platter full of corn on the cob which I was planning on throwing on the grill. I asked Jimmie to break each cob in half. The first cob spit, with kernels and juice flying everywhere. “This is not right” thought Jimmie, and asked the corn to break easily and cleanly. The next few cobs spit in half perfectly, which they did without the former resistance they displayed. All he did was ask nicely.

Last night I noticed Jimmie was deeply into something and very preoccupied. I wanted some TLC so I took out my pendulum and dowsed over the chicken curry I was cooking, and asked for unity, love, and affection from the man I love, Jimmie, after he eats this food. I must say that night included not only a massage, but the hugs and kisses I was longing for…

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