Plants Influenced By Color

A few weeks ago I noticed one of my plants that resembled an ‘iceplant’ had turned purple on some of it’s spikes. I imagined it was due to the influence of the beautiful purple and white pansies on the table next to it which I always admired. I don’t know if this particular plant has a propensity to turn purple or not, but I believe it may had experienced some envy or jealously (if you want to call it that) and took on some of the hue of the pansies to impress me.
The pansies are all of a white and purple variety and I have been growing this pot of flowers for about 4 months. After each bloom, I pick the dead flowers off and new buds grow out and flower. Yet once I started noticing and talking about the beautiful purple iceplant I noticed something strange- all of a sudden
some of the white part of the pansies had turned a light purple. What’s going on here- I thought purple and white pansies stayed purple and white, and green ice plant stayed green but apparently not- apparently plants can change in color according to how they feel and how they are influenced.  (These are actual photos of the pansies and the difference in color is plain to see)

Ok as I said, that was a few weeks ago. Yesterday while watering the plants, I noticed yet another change- the white part of the pansy that had turned purple, had now turned back to white. I’m guessing it changed back to white because I stopped fussing over it- in fact, I’m sure of it.

Lastly, this morning I looked out at the pansies and low and behold, several pansies had changed the hue of the white part into light purple again, and now I am convinced that my pansies love to show off their purple when they know when I’m looking, and truly have a mind of their own.

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