Spot On Dowsing

Not to brag, but each and every time I dowse for the remedy that will most benefit my current condition, or the condition of someone else, my amazing higher self makes a spot-on selection. Although every dowsing session is far from perfect, I really cannot think of a time where the remedy chosen just did not fit. One of the purposes of my blog is to chronicle my successes (and failures) and pass it on to you so that someone else may benefit from my works. Every ‘experiment ‘ is far from a success though, or even measurable, for example I tired to help my sister with her torn meniscus but that was flop, and I’m doing some broadcasting for my mother- she is on a Sai Sanjeevini pattern for urinary tract and kidney, but I think my pendulum picked up on something even she is yet unaware of so I’ll probably never be able to confirm a good result or not. If you read my articles about homeopathy and animals, you will find some amazing stuff, as there is no placebo in animals. As exciting as being able to dowse for the correct remedy, is the ability to potentize or ‘realize’ any remedy, sheerly based on my good intentions, along with white paper, black ink, salt water, and a decagon, as we did in the case of closing O’Shay’s diabetic wound. One of my most memorable animal healings was rescuing Crane, a wild Cardinal bird, and bringing her out of shock with arnica. In the case of Crane, I used classical homeopathy as I had learned, and just good old common sense. I knew nothing of dowsing or potentizing back then. By the time O’Shay became ill, I had graduated to a whole other realm and had access (though my higher self and dowsing) to all the great minds that came before me for remedy selection, as well as the ability to realize any remedy of any potency, period!

My partner in all this is Jimmie, my husband, and believe me, we have had some wild rides together. But all is not a bed of roses despite the fact that we have received the universal pot of gold- we are real life people with real life problems in all areas- health, family, economics, and of course, our marriage which has lasted now, 15 years. Health and family dynamics certainly effect us on an every day basis and issues can sometimes go on for years.  We are not exempt and both have on-going conditions that effect our moods, reactions and mental states. Jimmie is indeed an interesting yet frustrating case, but we will get into that another time.  Today we will talk about me. One of my on-going conditions is, I snore. It’s kind of embarrassing because it is not considered very feminine , but since I never hear it myself, it doesn’t bother me and thus it doesn’t get addressed fully. I have a generic homeopathic formula for snoring that I take before bed when I remember, or in the middle of the night if needed and I take it somewhat randomly. Yesterday I decided to dowse about my snoring and asked if there was a single homeopathic remedy that would help it. Yes. Show me the number of the remedy. 29. 29? Yes. Then I dowsed for dose and came up with 200c. Ok remedy #29 is Calcarea carbonica-hmmm, I just finished with calcarea phosphorica for little veins in my calves- did I make a mistake? I looked up calcarea carbonica and began to read  “Used for sleep apnea and snoring, best used at the 200c dose”, not to brag…

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