Sai Sanjeevini Neutralize Radiation Pattern

The San Onofre nuclear plant is an accident waiting to happen, and because The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), sits on the beach between Los Angeles and San Diego, I, living in Hollywood, am personally effected. Again, big business (Southern California Edison) is having it’s way at the safety and expense of us!

The plant was shut down temporarily in January after it was found to be leaking radioactive steam, but incredibly, Southern California Edison — the primary electricity provider for over 14 million people in Southern California — is now trying to bring the dangerous nuclear energy plant back online.
This plant is not only unsafe, but it’s also totally unnecessary. Even without the San Onofre nuclear plant, there’s enough power generating capacity in Southern California to keep the lights on even on the hottest days of the year. This plant needs to be shut down permanently. Southern California Edison is dragging it’s ass in implementing clean, safe, renewable energy generating systems.

Meanwhile, back at ‘the lab’ I have a Sai Sanjeevini pattern called
‘neutralize’ to do just that- neutralize any radio-active air that might breeze up our way- from Japan, or San Onofre, or anywhere.   I have a pattern taped on the computer, one taped to the dresser in the bedroom, and one in each of Jimmie and my wallets. There are also paper doctor patterns for environmental stress, radionic circuits for eliminating noxious energies, and dowsing programs for moving stagnant water, all of which we have used.

I am anxiously awaiting your thoughts, feelings, comments, and experiences.

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