I’m So Excited

Some people get excited at the thought of trying a new restaurant, going to a movie that was just released, or picking out new curtains for the bathroom. I get excited about the thought of trying a new remedy or healing modality, and today I am super stoked because I have just completed putting together my Sai Sanjeevini Hospital, which is 2 binders full of patterns sorted by body parts, diseases, and combinations, with easy to use master lists preceding each section.  This modality uses the power of prayers to make patterns employing the principle of  radiesthesia.  Organization was the key to successfully putting it together and understanding the method of selecting which patterns to use, and when you are talking about Sanjeevini patterns, the more the merrier.

After putting the pattern books together, setting up samples of all the patterns and combinations for easy access during an emergency is the ideal way to efficiently make remedies on the spot. The sample remedies can be made by putting a few sugar pellets in a labeled amber bottle, then place the amber bottle  on the pattern for 15 seconds along with a prayer or chant, then  store the samples in plastic labeled sorting drawers or compartment bins.   You can be sure that for every condition there will be several patterns used, and when the sample is already made up it can be multiplied and/or broadcasted-  it really expedites the process of dispensing a remedy.  Assembling these binders gave me the chance to fully explore and understand how to use this system unlike I formerly understood it.  I must admit that I’ve only been using a fraction of the potential of these patterns, as I did not use them in combination (i.e. I would use the blood pressure pattern solo instead of in combination). I’ll give you and example of what should go into a blood pressure remedy, using the following mix of body parts, diseases, and combination patterns;

Blood pressure- high
circulatory system
endocrine system
veins and arteries
left side of body
thought management

and for frozen shoulders, use;
left side of body
right side of body
frozen shoulders, and so forth

So now for me, taking into account all of my aliments, including annoying itches, bad vision, and sore feet, I have put together a mega monster- Madeleine’s Master Remedy #1, containing about 150 different patterns. I use the sample (which took hours to make, but will last forever) to multiply a dose of remedy water for myself, which I will be sipping 3 times a day for a long long time. I can make a fresh batch at any time, and it only takes 15 seconds and a sincere prayer or chant. Sanjeevinis can also be used as a prophylactic for just about anything from cold and flu to cancers and other diseases. You can also dowse for the duration and frequency of taking the remedy, once you have made it.

Now, here is a preview of the master remedy I would make for Jani and Bodhi Schofield, and you could be sure I would be including many of the combinations such as #1 and #60, and  dozens of other patterns as well;

blood           body tissues            brain          circulatory sys              glands

head             heart                            kidney      lymphatic sys                mind

pancreas    respiratory  sys       colon      nervous sys                  left side/right side

lungs           whole body                  AIDS          allergy                         heavy metals

autism         brain power                burns        infection                    vaccine antidote

anxiety       schizophrenia            shock         thought management   Prema (love)

But alas, they are not my children, and I cannot get their parents to respond to me about trying Sai Sanjeevinis and all the other things I have been talking about.

For my immediate family who thinks and practices as I do, I will be working on a master remedy  for each of them which can be taken live or broadcasted. And for those of you who have made the paradigm shift, here is the  link to this precious information and you can do it all yourself-


Acute occurrences can be squashed quickly, yet the  life-long conditions and complaints we all individually have, such as Jani’s, Alison’s, and mine, will take time to diminish…     be patient  

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  1. Eric Gonsenheim
    Sep 22, 2013 @ 18:12:03

    Do you have any experience dealing with Macular Degeneration?
    Wich combination do you suggest?
    Thank you and best wishes