Jani And Bodhi, and more…


These are some of the recent search terms folks have used, to get to my blog;

vibrations and waves
the paper doctor healing touch magnetic patterns
bodhi schofield
vaccine sociopathy
twins born – girl and boy
jani and bodhi
bodhi schofield autism                                                       
jani schofield metaphysical
astrology cancer sign of prophet and teacher
torn mensicus wont heal
sanjeevini bei astma
does bodhi schofield have schizophrenia

I find this all fascinating- other people are actually interested in the same  things as I am.

I have kept you up to speed on Jani and her brother Bodhi. They are both presumably doing better but after repeated attempts to contact their parents to share some of the other healing modalities out there, I got no reply. and yes, I do believe Bodhi will ultimately be called schizophrenic, although by sheer virtue of his young age, the term cannot be applied yet.

For the individual who wanted to know about the astrological sign of cancer, read my blog called “The Sign of the Prophet” confirming cancers make good teachers as well as the up and down sides of the sign.

There are always searches about a torn meniscus- if people would just learn to keep off their feet after a knee injury, the dam knee will eventually heal. “Susie’s Torn Meniscus” gives you all the remedies and instructions you need to heal, provided you also stay off your feet.

Vaccination damage is a subject I will never relent on- yes, we have burned the brains of our fair children and ruined their ability to communicate, to learn, to socialize appropriately, to control impulses, and so on and so on and so on. If you want to give some of these damaged folks names, you can call them autistic, schizophrenics, or sociopaths- whatever shoe fits, but know that the origin more times than not, is vaccinations.

People from all countries love the story about the twins. I used this amazing example to illustrate hands on healing- read “Born with The Gift, Obviously.”

Yes, Sai Sanjeevini patterns can quell an asthma attack. So can paper doctor patterns just as effectively, and so can homeopathy, for that matter.

Since my mantras are truth, justice, and unity ( under the umbrella of God and the Universe, through love and healing) there is no subject off limits. Your feedback and questions are welcome. Leave a comment-

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