How Are Jani And Bodhi?

Still so much buzz about Jani and Bodhi Schoefield. People are still asking me, “How is Jani doing”, and “Is Bodhi schizophrenic?” I don’t know why folks expect to see change when nothing new is being done- just meds adjustments and positive stimulation (she loves swimming and cooking class with Mom, etc.) And as for brother Bodhi, he unfortunately got it double- autism and schizophrenia (although he officially has not been diagnosed schizophrenic due to his young age). Why were these siblings afflicted in such a way? I would say hands down- vaccination damage, although I never heard it mentioned once on either documentary I saw or in anything I have read about them. Michael and Susan, there is no shame or guilt- you did what you thought was protecting your precious babies by vaccinating them- I vaccinated my daughter too, but now regret it  knowing  later that it damaged her. Her symptoms are quite different- she is a smart and highly functioning young adult, but she suffers from drug addiction and social detachment and I, as her mother, can see where all the deep damage really lies. I attribute it largely to a burnt brain caused by vaccinations, as I attribute the origin of Jani and Bodhi’s spectrum of issues.  I just looked up my daughter’s immunization records to compare it to what kids are getting today. I do believe they are now giving 37 vaccinations to kids by the age of 18 months whereas Alison received just (just?)12-  3 polios, 4 DTPs, 1 MMR, 1 HIB and 3 TB tests, over her first 3 years.  That’s one third of what Jani  and Bodhi got (over twice the time) so you can imagine why this generation is even more damaged than my daughter’s.

If you want to see photographic evidence of vaccine damage the CDC put out, go to this site.  The pictures are too gross for even me to publish.

The Schofields are now a well known Reality TV family and also have a website dedicated to keeping up with Jani’s progress. This gives Susan and Michael enormous power to communicate with the public. Now that they have educated us about a day in the life of family with 2 very special needs kids, why not get down to the nitty gritty root of the problem- the kids were vaccinated and subsequently damaged by such. The world is listening to them, but they aren’t saying anything! They could be  powerful allies and spokespeople for the anti-vaccination movement, but they either are not recognizing or admitting.

I can understand Susan not being attracted to swinging a pendulum, but homeopathy is tried and true for both autism and schizophrenia and again, I never heard it mentioned, though Susan and Michael both undoubtedly would go to the ends of the earth to try to fix their kids.  And there is so much out there beyond homeopathy that could help, if they would just give it a try- from Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns to chakra balancing.  Will someone tell them to call me already?

BTW- in response to some of your theories;

No, the parents aren’t causing the sickness in the children and  don’t have Munchhausens By Proxy (never heard of dual Munchhausens in parents!)

No, Jani and Bodhi are not faking…     

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