Questions And Answers Natural Health

People want to know, and I’m here to tell them;

Do Cancer men flip situations? Mine does, so I’ll say that’s a ‘yes’.

Do most sociopaths stutter as children? I know a sociopath and she does not stutter and never did as far as I know. I associate stuttering with rigid and harsh unloving parents and vaccination damage- remember the brain has actually been burned by the vaccination.

Does Bodhi Schofield have schizophrenia? If he is seeing and hearing things that we are not, I would say ‘yes’.

Can oil pulling help female problems? Yes, most certainly. Many studies out of India confirm.

Why do I have holes in my brand new T shirts? ‘Entities’ is all I’ve been able to come up with, and I’m not going with the Monsanto genetically modified cotton, either.

Did a Hep B vaccine cause AIDS? Oh yes, and don’t believe the myth about the flight attendant from Africa.

Does homeopathy help with emotionally disturbed adults. Yes yes yes. Homeopathy is a superb modality for the entire spectrum of emotional disturbances. Ignaita is for grief, aconite for fear, pulsatilla for uncontrolled weeping, or try phosphorus or arsenicum for fear of aliens.

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