Red Flags Of Addiction Relapse, And More…

Some of the topics I write about are inspired by questions my readers have.

Here are more questions from the world, and answers from Madeleine.

Can emdr help with vaccine damage– I sure hope so- my daughter is getting it and I have no doubt she was vaccine damaged

What are red flags to addiction relapse– depends on what drug- I can tell you about heroin- bad complexion, rough raspy voice, red face, and the infamous nod, not to mention theft, unreliability, car accidents, loss of job…

Last ditch effort cancer Mexico– want to know where to go?- try Max Gerson’s clinic.  Gerson has been curing cancer since  1928 with juicing and coffee enemas. His daughter, now in her 80’s runs the clinic in Tijuana, Mexico where he moved it after being blacklisted in the 50’s by none other then….you got it… John Rockefeller, destroyer of amazing healing).

Does yerba mate antidote homeopathy– no, and you will often see it offered on homeopathic websites as an alternative to coffee, which can antidote homeopathy.

Can people avoid root canal by oil pulling– yes yes yes. I just wish I knew about it before the 4 root canals I had. Poor dental work is one of my biggest health regrets.  Also check out Gerson’s book on root canals- I just ordered it- you will die when you find out what they did to you with this diabolical toxic procedure.

Scientists should invent antidote to vaccine damage- I agree- this was more a statement than a question, but first the scientists would have to admit that the vaccines cause damage, which they refuse to do so far.

Can chakra healing help sociopaths- Chakra balancing can benefit anybody, even a sociopath, but to what degree, I do not know. Sociopaths need a multitude of metaphysical healing modalities at the very least.

Will a hot bath lower blood pressure- Think about it logically. A hot bath dilates or opens your blood vessels, thus more blood flow and less pressure. The answer is ‘yep.’

Will staphysagria work for tooth abscess– yes, it’s a great dental remedy and good for loose teeth too.

Meniscus “keeps tearing”– again a statement, not a question, but I’ll repeat “Stay off your feet until your knee heals, or it won’t.”


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  1. butchjax
    Aug 27, 2012 @ 13:41:22

    Around me, the only option we have for buying homeopathic remedies is those little round balls that come in a tube. Is this the most effective way? I don’t really know much, and I’m willing to try the influezium this year.

    Also, a side note to tears and strains. Use KT Pro tape. The website teaches you how to tape and support anything it seems. It lasts a week or more, at least it does on my ankle when I follow directions. And it really helps. As I’ve been healing a peroneal tendon strain for two months or so now, it’s helped a lot. I’m finally at the point of not taping all the time, though I went overboard cleaning and had to tape back up, it’s not troublesome at all. Hope that helps some people too. Eventually the rest has to end. Or, if it’s a joint that you have to use, it gives added support.

    • thependulist
      Aug 27, 2012 @ 13:57:16

      yes the little balls are fine. take 1 dose, then another in two weeks, and that’s it. use influenzimun 200c. BTW either liquid or the little pills- it’s the same. the taping is a great natural way to support your injury so that it can heal. thanks for your continued reader ship- you are one of my original followers and i an honored you still read me!

  2. butchjax
    Aug 27, 2012 @ 14:04:27

    Ok cool. Yeah, there’s plenty I don’t understand. But it’s ok. lol