Prevent Cold And Flu Naturally

Cold and flu season is coming. I hope you are not contemplating a flu vaccination. There are other prophylactic choices.

Influenzium at the 200c dose can be given once, and then
again in 2 weeks, prior to the onset of cold and flu season. I have read that in India, one employer put a dose in the water cooler for all employees to receive protection against the flu, and this practice greatly decreased illness at the office.

Another prophylactic choice is the Sai Sanjeevini program for swine flu, which is a mega remedy comprised of;

  • combination for diarrhoea/dysentery ( 8 patterns including dehydration, colon, digestion, etc)
  • combination for lung and chest problems (5 patterns including blood and respiratory tract)
  • combination for tonsillitis and throat problems (4 patterns including infection and sore throat)
  • combination for cold and sinus problems (7 patterns including nose, blood sugar imbalance, and discharges)
  • combination for nourishment and protection of divine values (7 essential patterns including love, honesty, forgiveness and dharma which means right conduct)
  • combination sarva shakti shanthi (9 patterns including antitoxins, fitness, shock, and immune system)
  • combination for swine flu (7 patterns including fevers and flu, anxiety, and non-violence)

As you can see, every variable has been covered to make this complete mega combination remedy, which can de duplicated over and over on the multiplying chart and taken orally, or by just holding the remedy bottle. You also can broadcast as either a prophylactic or to cure someone already ill, by using the mega remedy sample and a picture witness of the recipient, and putting them on the broadcasting chart, which I am doing for my entire family at this moment.

Take your choice, but please avoid the flu shot at all cost. Some batches are ‘tainted’ and some are not, but as far as I’m concerned they all are lethal, and at the very least you risk paralysis or severe neurological damage, heart-valve infections, pneumonia or septic shock, or end up a headline like this;

“Cheerleader gets flu shot, now she only walks backwards”

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