Healing Dogs With Aconite And Ignatia

Daisy is a 12 year old bull dog, with a face that only a mother could love. She is my next door neighbor and one of Brandi’s favorite dog friends. Yesterday as I was dumping the trash , June, her owner, called to me and said “Madeleine, something’s wrong with Daisy’. She told me the symptoms were excitement, agitation, and humping everything, even June- behavior that was completely out of character for this older, usually mellow dog.

I immediately thought ‘aconite’ with ‘ignatia’ on the table, as well. I could have dowsed for the most beneficial remedy, and might have under different circumstances, but this was on the fly and I felt confident that one of the 2 choices would work. First, I went in and took a look at Daisy myself. She was a bit wound up. I quickly made a decision- aconite. I ran home and got some aconite 30c from my fairly complete homeopathic medicine chest. Even though I can potentize anything I want, it takes time, and having a homeopathic medicine chest is a convenience and time saver. In the case of not having the needed homeopathic remedy on hand, either paper doctor or Sai Sanjeevini patterns can be used to treat emergency situations, but in this case I had what I needed- now to get it into Daisy’s mouth- she hates the eye dropper. We decided to wrap some pellets in cheese and Daisy gobbled it up. I walked into the kitchen to wash my hands, and June and I began to chit-chat about her darling granddaughter who I adore. After 5 minutes or so- no more- I told June I had to run, oh, how’s Daisy? We both turned our heads to look…Daisy was lying down (head down and all) quietly- not a muscle moving. “Can it work that fast?” asked June. Yes! When the right remedy is selected it can work within seconds, and this clearly was the right remedy!

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