Radionic Circuit #15- Eliminator of Noxious Energies

I have not yet gone into a whole lot of detail about Ruggerio’s BioLifeStyle website, and all the wonderful work he has done with dowsing and radionics, and all the information and instruction he gives freely (and what he sells is very reasonable and invaluable). This site is for operators and lovers of bio energies- energies which are cosmic and natural, and which are governed by the nature techniques for the equilibration of man and for everything around him, in an holistic sense- alternative natural medicine, naturopathy, bio-architecture, bio-agriculture archaeology.

Jimmie is more fluid with this methodology than I am and has been using these charts for almost 2 years. We use chart #15, eliminator of noxious energies usually at the onset of any illness, or in the case of just plain bad energy you may feel.  Our family has needed a lot of ‘clearing’ lately.  Both Jimmie and Alison spent a few hours/days on #15 which cleared the whole house, them and me as well.  Amazingly, when someone is on that chart, the others in the room seem to get benefit from it as well because when you think about it, energy doesn’t just stop at the boundaries of your physical body- it comes in, goes out, and is all around too. And that’s why we can broadcast. So your energy can be my energy too- and if yours is bad, mine can be bad too (although not necessarily) and when your’s changes, mine might change too, and it probably will.

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