Addiction Treatment As Usual

When new observations cannot be explained by old theories it is time for a paradigm shift. I’m no professional but from what I do know, addicts are bored to tears with the same old same old processing groups and the proverbial revolving door of rehab. But there is cutting edge stuff out there that is not being delivered (or only to a privileged few), leaving the bulk of addicts getting the short end of the stick. Can anyone tell me the recovery rate of your average addict? No, because no one knows for sure-  it’s so low it is hardly measurable- maybe 3% or is it 5% and what is the fricken difference because that leaves either 95% or 97% of the other addicts relapsing and return to ‘treatment as usual’.

The pattern ends here for Alison and this family, thus Dr. Seth Kadish and his ‘pattern interruption’ therapy. My daughter has been invited to participate in his first PIRT group- a new and original cutting edge concept- I underline NEW. There is also EMDR and neuro feedback, 2 cutting edge therapies that can change brain chemistry, but again, is reserved for the privileged because of cost number one, and also because it will probably take another 20 years for the mainstream to catch up and make changes in the treatment model but for now Alison will have to wait for the EMDR and neuro feedback until a time when finances permit. Of course we will always continue using Sai Sanjeevini patterns, Ruggerio’s radionic circuits, dowsing, homeopathy, and any other natural therapy available to support my daughter in healing.

Restructuring my daughter’s recovery plan has been a joint family effort. It constitutes;

  • high freedom/high accountability in a sober living environment- per Alison’s request
  • PIRT group once a week, with Dr. Kadish- she’s excited to try something new
  • traditional 12 step meetings and step work with sponsor- meetings are a social outlet, too
  • health club membership- working out develops pride and accomplishment, not to mention a toned body, and taking care of ourselves in every way is crucial
  • work- it fills a multitude of needs by closing time gaps and creating a feeling a self worth, not to mention most of us need the money

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