Homeopathy For Passive Agressive Behavior

As Jimmie progresses through his Drug and Alcohol Counseling studies, psychology is being discussed and many behaviors come to light. I just recently explored one behavior that is of special interest to me, because I have a close family member who uses it frequently- it is passive aggressive behavior and I have learned, and lived, that it is very destructive to relationships. But I’m not criticizing, I’m just identifying with hopes of him/her learning new and healthier ways to express, as I have high hopes of identifying my own destructive ways and strive to loose them.

Passive-aggressive behavior is a pattern of indirectly expressing negative feelings instead of openly addressing them. There is a disconnect between what a passive-aggressive person says and what he or she does. For a passive-aggressive person, true feelings are shared through actions, not words. Example; Jill says “I’m not angry” but her face is red and frowning, and her voice sounds rough. Her body language, expression, and voice tones contradict her words, and this can be very confusing to whoever Jill is talking to.

Whenever resentment and contempt lurk beneath the surface, passive-aggressive behavior can be the ‘foam’ that rises to the top. From a homeopathic standpoint, those who engage in this behavior could be considered to have a  syphilitic  miasm, and these folks can be cruel, harsh, and insulting, but again, homeopathy can put a huge dent in this very unbecoming behavior. Sulphur, phos, lycopoduim,  and calc carb all have been used to virtually  erase  behaviors such as stubbornness, ill humor, withdrawing when there’s an argument,  or being insulting and spiteful (all considered passive aggressive).

Here is a list of a few of the many behaviors that fall into the passive aggressive category;

  • Complaining about feeling underappreciated or cheated
  • The silent treatment
  • Loud and exaggerated movements with a silent angry face
  • Sulking & withdrawal
  • Irritability
  • Hostile attitude
  • Resentment and opposition to the requests of others
  • Procrastination
  • Shutting down conversations

Unchecked, passive aggressive behavior can wreak havoc on relationships, marriages and families, but when a person is able to quickly identify hallmark passive aggressive behaviors for what they are- hidden expressions of anger– they take the first critical step in disengaging from the destructive dynamic. If they are unable, or unwilling to identify their behaviors ( since these folks don’t know how to respond appropriately to conflict, he or she will most likely deny everything)  then perhaps a neutral 3rd party could explain it better than the recipient of said behavior.  I classically reach for the radionic circuit #15 ‘Eliminator of Noxious Energies’ which often takes the ‘s’ out of  the ‘silent treatment’, but I highly recommend a no -nonsense family counselor who can identify behaviors and teach a new skill sets- preferably a well trained astro-psychologist.

Remember, the first step to changing behavior, is 

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