Radionics For Pest Control

Ew- it’s gross- cockroaches. When you live in an apartment it can be beyond your control, but we refuse to have our living space sprayed by the exterminator, yet we have the situation under control- we have our ways…

Spray bottle filled with soapy water– Use this instead of bug spray. It works just as well.

Diatomaceous earth– Broom into carpets and line baseboards with it- when a bug walks through it, the small granules act like glass and the bug bleeds out (all chemical free).

Catnip tea– Spray baseboards with it- they hate the smell.

Bay leaves– Crumble and line counters and backs of cupboards- again, they hate the smell.

Digital radionics– I have a rate and pitch instructing cockroaches to vacate my premises and am broadcasting it on my digital radionics software.

I can honestly say I haven’st seen a roach, contrary to what my neighbors are experiencing. The exterminator guy tried to convince me to get the chemical spray.  I wouldn’t budge and his arguments were weak. Today I changed my broadcast to include the entire apartment building- not just my apartment.  Why not- radionics have been known to rid a whole orchard of pests within days of broadcasting and I don’t need to be greedy about it.  I will let you know in the future, just how far reaching my broadcast stretched.

There are green exterminators who use nothing but botanicals, so don’t think you don’t have a choice.  In today’s world, we have options.


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  1. Joe
    Jul 03, 2016 @ 18:51:06


    I do understand this is a old post. I just came across this website today.

    Could you please share your views if the pests were completed removed from your apartment ?


    • The Pendulist
      Jul 15, 2016 @ 21:16:32

      I had great success with ants. We literally watched them turn around and leave. Not so much with roaches because we found that they were nesting up under the frig!! (ew, I know) but once we got rid of the frig, we got rid of the roaches.