Sister Gwen

My sister-in-law Gwen is the sister of sisters. From the day we met almost 17 years ago we had chemistry, and just as Alison and Sandra gravitated to each other, so did Gwen and I (not to minimize my love for my entire family- extended family encluded). There is no accounting for taste or preference- it just is what it is. Outside of Alison and of course Jimmie, Gwen is the only family member that follows my blog and embraces my metaphysical practices, and that I can actually discuss in depth matters deeply personal to me, in all areas. She has learned to observe without judging and always has a practical solution up her sleeve, whenever I seem to draw a blank. There is nothing I can’t tell her.

So now, what can I do for Gwen? I asked her what her chief complaint is- (usually people will say, “high blood pressure”, “can’t sleep at night- anxiety” or some such thing). Gwen didn’t have a chief complaint, and a matter of fact, outside of having pneumonia once, I can’t ever recall her being too sick or complaining about her health.

I could dowse for the remedy that would most benefit Gwen, but why would I when she has no complaints? I wouldn’t. But we did go over Ruggerio’s radionic charts together to see what she might benefit from, and we selected  “Chance and Personal Success”, where her picture has been for about 2 weeks. After week one I checked in with her to see how she was doing. “Any chance or personal success?” I asked. She said “No, not really, but I’m happy to have my job.” Just as the words came out, she realized she was relating a story of chance/personal success… Gwen is a nurse, and just days after me putting her picture on Ruggerio’s chart, the company she works for went through a downsizing- some folks lost their jobs entirely and others had a reduction of hours. But Gwen was passed over and was neither laid-off nor had hours cut. Now at the 2 week point I checked back and she tells me she is visiting her ‘prayer closet’ regularly, as well as has returned to the discipline of early morning yoga- 2 important practices that she had structured back into her morning routine. Wow- I am impressed. Remember, we didn’t put her on a chart to make a wallet fall from the sky, or win the lottery, necessarily (although we could have put a few hundred dollars along with her picture and a crystal, onto a decagon, with the intention of multiplying the money) BUT MONEY IS NOT HER MOTIVATOR

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