Comfortable In Their Own Skin

Questions have been asked…”Is there s Sai Sanjeevini pattern for homosexuality?” and also “Can homosexuality be cured with homeopathy?” the answers are “No, not per se” and “Sorta kinda.”

If you can look at symptoms as signs of being out of balance, you can better see how one might change, if balance is restored. Homosexuality is not a disease– a homosexual man or woman may, in response to a remedy, no longer have homosexual tendencies. You can call this a cure, as long as the individual is in a generally greater state of well being, as the sexual orientation is only a symptom of a larger picture.

As for homeopathy and homosexuality, I have read about lachesis being used on gay men who subsequently lost their tendencies, but I know more about it used for sexual disturbances  other than homosexuality.  Here is an interesting side bar…The remedy Natrum Bromatum is given to the woman who has a delusion that she will be assaulted during a love relationship. She has got an intense fear of the opposite sex. She is very scared of having a relationship. She experiences every gesture of the other person as rape. It is a great remedy for women who have been raped. After the rape the woman may feel fear of the opposite sex.  She withdraws at the very touch of a male. Every time she has sex, she relives the rape, however, it is not necessary for a woman to have been raped in order to receive the benefits  of Natrum Bromatum. Young girls are often afraid in their first relationship. This may happen if they have grown up in an environment where there were fights between their father and mother and where the mother played the role of the victim or the father had a lot of extramarital relationships and their mother accused him in front of the children. Thus, these girls have the tendency to have platonic relationships; they do not allow their partner to come too close sexually to avoid making love. Some  may have dyspareunia. Natrum Bromatum will prove to be a great remedy in such cases. Hmmmmmmm.  Who would think a few doses of any homeopathic could change such a dramatic condition.

There is no Sai Sanjeevini for ‘homosexuality’ per se, but there are patterns for greed, lust, anger, hormones, male energy, female energy, etc. Again, bringing someone into balance can simulate the body to reduce something or increase something, depending on what is needed. In the Chinese way of considering illness, every condition is either a matter of ‘excess’ or ‘deficiency.’ Changing the excess or deficiency, thus bringing the person into balance, all can bring forth change in behaviors, attitudes, and tendencies.

But before you go around trying to ‘help’ a gay person change, you first must ask ‘is this person comfortable in their own skin’. A gay person may, or may not, consider himself to be out of balance. (The health/wellness agenda is always dictated by the patient, not the doctor). In today’s politically correct world, we accept the gay community as any other minority group. Bottom line is, some gays feel well grounded and well balanced, and have no desire to try to change their sexual orientation and therefore they are fine, and some feel uncomfortable in their own skin therefore these ‘remedies’ I have been talking about would be appropriate for them. I myself have not found any relevant studies on the gay population and metaphysical healing or any homeopathic trials with gays as subjects, but would love to know if any exist. Does anyone know of any, and if so, can you share with me?


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  1. K
    Jul 11, 2015 @ 22:35:53

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I was married for 5 year, now divorcing as my wife never wanted this relationship. After marriage she always argued about nothing them blamed on me that I don’t trust her over possessive, icannot handle anger need treatment etc.she is homeopathic doctor. I handled all her criticism well as this was an arranged marriage she wanted to prove I am a failure not her. Now we are living separately in same house. Remember once I stopped asking for sex from her as she always made excuse that she is sick and I am very spiritual Parson and know how to handle lust. But then one day as she relised I will not ask for sex she start saying that few things I do like girls etc . Do not want too much detail but I quit the relationship. Now I was taking this nutmur medicine and she knows I take it. Last night I had dream that I am kissing a man. I do not want this happening I am scared she might have changed my medicine with something that can change my harmones. Please advise if this is possible and if I can get these medicine tested in homeopathic laboratory. She is very cruel. Please help now she wants me to get out of my house as I am 50% owner of it. Thanks

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