Californians Take On Monsanto

I’m a political lefty (in spirit, not practice)- a bleeding liberal with a destine for social, animal, and environmental injustice. Just to keep you up to speed, I’ve got news for you- all happening now…

Great news for the Arctic– Shell Oil has agreed to abandon it’s efforts to complete drilling in the Arctic this year, bending to huge public pressure holding Shell accountable for oil spill response readiness, a standard Shell was unable to meet. Shell Oil wants us to believe that drilling in the Arctic is safe. But you and I know better—there is absolutely no proven method for cleaning up even a small oil spill in Arctic conditions. Besides the 20-foot swells, ice-choked seas, hurricane force winds, and months of darkness that would hinder any clean-up efforts, the technology for cleaning up spills in such hostile conditions simply does not exist. So Shell pulling back is a beautiful thing.

• Californians are taking on Monsanto. Not labeling genetically modified foods is unacceptable- outrageous. From corn and tomatoes to potatoes and papayas, more and more of the food in our grocery stores is now genetically modified. Do you want that? I don’t. It’ll be on the ballet prop 37- voters to decide.

• The reports say Michele Bachmann is vulnerable. Good on that.  She is a conservative tea party extremist and democrats are giving her a run for her money- ha ha. I don’t much mix with politics, but if Michelle gets her way, it will be a big set back for woman’s and human rights and social justice, period.

What issues are in your life? Is it natural health, the metaphysical, the 2%, home schooling, vaccination damage, dowsing? What is important to you?

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