Dramatic Homeopathic Healings

I want to share some dramatic homeopathic healings by Professor George Vithoulkas, of the International Academy of Homeopathy. Without going into a lot of detail about his lengthy background and credentials and such, here are 2 amazing stories of healing narrated by Professor Vithoulkas, that speak for themselves…

A case in a coma for three months after an aorta transplant and a rejection process-

This case refers to a man, 74 year old, Mr. Stathopoulos, a Greek civil engineer who was operated in the cardiological department of Houston, USA, in 1979 for an aorta transplant by the famous Greek Cardiologist Dr. Boulafentis. A rejection process started soon after the operation and the man soon fell in to a comatose state. After two months of being unconscious he was transferred to the Athens hospital Hygia, where he remained in to coma for another month. At this stage he was taking strong allopathic medication including the antifungal drug amphotericine D. His vascular system was in a terrible state, his kidneys were breaking down, his blood pressure was very high and he was attended by two cardiologists an internist and a nephrologist. All his extremities were swollen and bluish from the repeated intravenous salines with the medication. After all this lapse of time and taking in to consideration his serious condition the doctors became desperate and called the daughter, an architect, and her husband, an assistant professor in the Athens University, to tell them that this was all they could do and there was nothing more to be done in his case. According to their estimation the man had one or two days to live.
At this point his daughter with her husband been good friends of mine came to consult me about the desperate condition of their father, and to ask me whether homeopathy could do something for the old man. My initial reaction was of course negative but all the same I went with them to the hospital to see his condition myself. After looking at his case I thought that there was a ray of hope and I said I would take up the case if the doctors of the hospital agreed to suspend all allopathic medication except the intra-nasal feeding. In seven days his consciousness returned and in twelve days from the beginning of the homeopathic treatment he asked us to take him home and we did, not with an ambulance but by the car of the professor. One month later the man was so well that the only thing that was left was a swelling of his ankles. I then ask him to call the cardiologist to give us his opinion about his swollen ankles. The cardiologist arrived and the patient opened the door. The doctor not recognizing the patient said “I am the cardiologist and I came to see Mr. Stathopoulos”. The patient replied “I am Mr. Stathopoulos”. The doctor insisted “not you, the patient”, and Mr. Stathopoulos now replied, “I am the patient.”
The cardiologist, after finding the patient in very good condition, telephoned me later on and said “you made a small miracle”. The man lived for another ten years in good health, driving his car till the end of his life, and died suddenly within a few days at the age of 84 after a brain stroke.

The next case is an equally dramatic one:

A case of progressed gangrene in a hospital in Germany where preparations were done to amputate both her legs on the height of the thighs-

This case was referred to me during a course I was giving in Celle, Germany to a fairly big group of doctors and concerned a woman who developed gangrene and was in a hospital there pending an operation during which they were intending amputating both her legs on the height of the thighs. The daughter of the patient who is a medical doctor and a student of homeopathy made an appeal during the first day of the course saying that her mother was in the town hospital ready to be operated in three days, and since I was there could I do something for her mother. The appeal was done in front of three hundred homeopathic physicians and it was a big challenge. Could homeopathy do something in such a short time, in legs that the arteries were so closed as to allow gangrene to develop in a patient suffering for years with diabetes. The most interesting thing was that during their routine examinations in the hospital they found out that this woman was also suffering with Adenocarcinoma of the lungs, and such a diagnosis made the prognosis extremely bleak. I took the case in June 89 on Friday in the hospital, and the patient was programmed for operation on next Tuesday therefore we had only three days to show some effect on the circulation of her legs in order to persuade the doctors of the hospital to postpone the operation. I presented the pictures of her legs and the case to the class with the analysis of the case and the prescription of the homeopathic remedy that she started taking on Friday noon. The excitement in the class was tremendous, and the elation of all the doctors of the course was great when we heard on Tuesday morning that the operation was postponed due to the fact that the popliteal artery showed some signs of functioning again. In another week the patient was discharged from the hospital bearing with her both her legs. The treatment continued for two years, after which the patient reported to be quite well. I stopped seeing the patient after that. In 1999 I wanted to present this case in a medical symposium in Greece with the participation of a group of distinguished professors of medicine. I therefore asked my secretary in July 1999 to contact the daughter of the woman to give us a report. The report arrived and said

“The dramatic atmosphere during the treatment of this case, within the course hall, is difficult to be reported, and the case looks incredible but the three hundred participants to the seminal can surely testify about it. A Polish surgeon who was attending the course got up and said that he could testify that he himself had operated and amputated hundreds of similar cases in Poland. Further more, the case and its progress has been recorded on video and is available to any medical authority that might be interested.”

Those were 2 healings for the record books.

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