Natural Cures- Urinary Infection In Dog

How did I know Brandi had a urinary disturbance? First, I noticed her bathroom habits changed. On our walks she was stopping to pee every few seconds but nothing was coming out and I did not perceive it as just ‘marking’. I also noticed a pee accident on the inside front door mat- not like Brandi at all. Then of course after noticing all this, I dowsed and asked and confirmed that she indeed did have some kind of U.T. disturbance. Let me also say this is the 3rd animal of mine that has gotten a tumor (or had one exacerbated)  or a serious disease within a year or 2 after a vaccination, despite the fact that we used Thuja immediately after.  And even more depressing is the fact that there is virtually no way to adopt a pet these days without a rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella vaccination, diseases none of which I personally have known a dog to have.

I dowsed for the remedy that would most benefit Brandi’s U.T. condition. My pendulum swung to the spoke that had 14 on the inside circle and 22 on the outside circle. 14? No. 22? Yes. Remedy #22 was baryta iodata. Hmmmm-that’s the remedy Jimmie just selected for himself yesterday, for an entirely different purpose- must be some mistake- did I pick up an imprint from Jimmie’s dowsing? I went back to my pendulum and said “I’m dowsing for Brandi, not Jimmie” but remedy #22 kept coming up. Hmmmmmmm- went to the Materia Medica and found that Baryta iodata is a great U.T. remedy- also for tumors.  Later Jimmie found a sizable and painful  lump in her groin area, probably causing discomfort and/or obstruction during urination.  We are now using belladonna 10c up to 15 times a day- we put it in her water.  She has also been on a Sai Sanjeevini mega mix broadcast which includes infection and tumors.  It’s been about a week or so since we have been doing this. The constant attempt to urinate has subsided and the lump is down some.

  • A measurably sick dog diagnosed by observation and pendulum.
  • The right remedies, again, selected by pendulum
  • The remedies then potentized with salt water and a decagon, water in a crystal glass, and the name of the remedy written in black ink
  • A Sai Sanjeevini mega mix for tumors being broadcasted
  • Both remedies and prayer patterns have helped, without question, but

we’re not out of the woods yet

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