72 Names Of God

Getting ready…

Jimmie will be traveling on Tuesday- he needs a few days in Pittsburgh to catch up with family, but he won’t be leaving home without certain ‘essentials’;

  • a mini geo-touch magnet with at least 10 small  paper doctor patterns (wallet size)
  • a Sai Sanjeevini ‘neutralize’ pattern- must be  tucked inside his wallet, for radiation protection
  • his pendulum- to dowse for anything under the sun, who knows
  • The Homoeopathic Materia Medica & Repertory Pocket Manual- an invaluable reference book
  • a small decagon- for potentizing or amplifying on the fly
  • a large bottle of drinking water- infused with the 12 tissue salts and Jimmie’s Sai Sanjeevini mega mix, for healthy hydration
  • a small paper containing the 72 names of God in Hebrew- for intermittent scanning

I miss the place I called home for 21 years, and my beloved in-laws and few incredible friends, but this time I must stay here in my new L.A. home, and can only look at pictures of my Pennsylvania world.

Save trip Baby- I love you

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