Follow Up- Carbo Animalis

In mid July I began treatment with my new chiropractor, who gave me an explanation as to why I often had leg cramps in the middle of the night. She said I had small veins in my calves and the restricted blood flow can cause cramps. She verified the condition with a simple pressure test done with a blood pressure cuff wrapped around the calf and pumped up to whatever pressure the patient can take. 220 pounds of pressure is normal. Mine was 120 or 130- not very good. I went home, then I took out my pendulum and dowsed for the remedy that would help me most, and got carbo animalis.  I found out that carbo animalis is made from the burnt hide of animals, and the carbon works on veins! After reading about the remedy I discovered it fit my symptoms and would especially help my  ‘little veins’- just what the doctor ordered, so I decided to potentize it and give it a try.

As I have said before, potentizing is not difficult. Start with a decagon. Then write the name of the remedy and dose (all in capital letters) in black ink, dip into salt water, let dry, and then put it on the decagon with a crystal glass full of water, for 2 hours. After that, your remedy water is made. This is how I made carbo animalis. I took it for the 8 days my pendulum said, and then returned to the chiropractor to have the pressure in my calves re-measured, and sure enough, I could now withstand 200 plus pounds of pressure in both legs. “What did you do?” inquired Dr Annie, and I told her.

Since that time- almost 3 months, I have not had a leg cramp. I love to be able to report success. Here’s how it all went down;

  • My symptom– random legs cramps at night while sleeping
  • My diagnosis– ‘little veins in legs’ made by chiropractor after measuring pressure in calves
  • My remedy– determined by dowsing- my pendulum choose carbo animalis
  • My potentization– done with a decagon, white paper, black ink, and salt water
  • My cure– I took the remedy for 8 days and no leg cramps have returned
  • My verification– Dr. Annie measured the improvement in the pressure I could withstand in my calves, with the blood pressure cuff

Right now, I am cramp free, and have even gone back to a yoga class. If anything changes, I will report it to you.  Does anyone have legs cramps like me, and if so, how did you deal with it?  

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