Your Questions, My Answers

I just love your questions- and here are the answers according to my best knowledge and research;

Are Progresso soup cans dangerous? Yes- a toxic chemical called BPA’s are used in the lining of cans and the toxin leaches from the lining into the food. According to Consumer Reports just a couple of servings of canned food can exceed scientific limits on daily exposure for children. I buy only soup in cartons now.

Heroin vaccine coming? Supposedly so. Scientists in Mexico have invented it. This is how it works: the vaccine causes your body to create antibodies that attach to the molecules in heroin that affect your brain. Once these antibodies latch on to their targets, they prevent the drug molecules from accessing certain opioid receptors in your central nervous system, thus extinguishing the neurological reward associated with heroin’s use. In animal trials, mice who were given the vaccine demonstrated a huge drop in heroin consumption. By eliminating the rush of pleasure associated with heroin, researchers at Mexico’s National Institute of Psychiatry believe they can curb the intensity of the cravings and addiction in humans, as well. If you hold stock in vaccinations- go ahead on. You can also take the naltraxone pellet (shot into body) which means you get good and sick if you even think of heroin, for the life of the pellet.

How do I have holes in a brand new t shirt- entities

Can a dowser heal a drug addict? A dowser can help by selecting the most beneficial modality or remedy for that person however that person must have the heart to want to be healed- there is no quick fix.

Engineered syphilis?– Hmmmmmm- can’t find anything about it being ‘engineered’ but I wouldn’t doubt it. I know it’s on the rise in Sacramento Ca., and I know syphilis was studied in a group of 200 Black men who never knew what they had and never got treatment.

Success rate of digital radionics– nobody has such a statistic to my knowledge yet all of us operators know it works.

Miniscus “keeps tearing” You know why it keeps tearing- Get off your leg!

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