Reading The Eyes For Illness

I’m all over the Daves website these days. Dave is a homeopathist and his website is chock full of priceless information on aliments and their natural remedies, amazing education on remedies including everything from anger management to the immune system to menopause, as well as the use of cell salts in almost every herbal or homeopathic solution. Not only that, but he also teaches and presents a whole system of eye care, eye treatment, and reading the eyes to determine organ dysfunction or illness. For instance, lets just talk about simple bags under the eyes…the appearance can come quickly with kidney problems or long-term with kidney, liver, and colon problems. Causes are kidney or liver weakness. Medicine sees the bags as a weakness in the connective tissue around the eyes. They use surgery to remove eye bags, but bags may return as the cause has not been addressed. From the natural perspective we see eye bags as kidney or bladder weakness. The eye most affected represents the kidney most affected. There can also be liver or colon involvement when the eye bags are lower under the eyes. This may be a sign of poor nutritional health. Stay away from alcohol, tobacco, coffee, black tea, soda, and fast food. Chronic therapy can take 6 – 12 months to reduce. Now, using Daves natural healing protocol, first choose one or more of the herbs, then add the cell salt solution for mineral deficiencies and finally add the homeopathic remedy which best fits your particular stomach symptoms.

For bags under the eyes use

herbal eye bright drops
tissure salts Calc fluor 6X – chronic eye bags, connective tissue weakness
       Nat sulph 6X – acute or chronic eye bags from liver issues
             Silicea 6X – chronic eye bags and connective tissue weakness

and choose from the following remedies, according to your specific symptoms;

Apis – allergic, puffy swollen eye bags. Burning, stinging pains. Sensitive tolight.

Belladonna – yellow sclera of easy. Pupils dilated, throbbing pains. Worse on right side. Eyes feel swollen. Sensitive to light. Red hot swollen.

Bryonia – sharp stabbing pains worse upon movement. Sensitive to light, itching burning.

Hepar sulph – yellowish sunken complexion, cant read, sensitive to light, wind, over sensitive.

Merc sol – sensitive to temperature. Pale, dirty looking. Mucus in morning. Dilated pupils. Burning acrid discharges.

Staphysagria – sunken eyes and blue rings. Dry eyes. Pupils dilated. Those suffering form an abusive situation.

Sulphur – old-looking, worse from heat. Burning, sand in eye. Trembling eyes. Halo seen around bright objects.

when in doubt, you can always dowse for the most beneficial homeopathic remedy from the list.

Dave also has remedies for other eye disorders such as glaucoma, retina problems, macular degeneration, and falling eyelids. He also can teach you how to read the eye, for example a falling lower eyelid really indicates nerve strain, and a bluish area in the eye indicates parasites in children, and for those who seldom blink, hypothyroid. I am already using fennel and water as well as lemon and water eye drops from the list of herbal eye formulas, and love the clarity of vision I have. But as Dave says, the eyes reflect what we think in the moment- when we are clear in our thinking, the eye is sharp and clear.

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