The Organized Pendulist

How is it that I have the same amount of    that I used to have, before returning to work? Organization, good health, and balance, is the key.

Here’s how I get it all done without getting frazzled or sick;

  • I start the day with 15 minutes of oil swishing and then a drink of honey and cinnamon water.
  • I make sure I get up early enough to do my 5 rites ( Chinese/yoga routines) and have a walk with Brandi because I sit at my job.
  • Then I take any homeopathic remedies that may have been selected, and home made eye drops, perhaps lemon and water or chamomile and water, which I keep pre-made.
  • I also keep honey and cinnamon water pre-made in the frig which I take to work in a water bottle to sip on, and I charge it on the Sai Sanjeevini mega pattern prior to leaving out the door.
  • I carry a small zipper pouch with a magnet and some paper doctor essential patterns, for all conceivable situations from chem trails to a sprained ankle.

Having my eye drops, remedies, honey water, and healthy snacks on hand is a huge time saver and keeps me on my routine. I try to never let my list of things to do get too long and I clean up the house twice a week- no more no less, and do all my outside errands including grocery shopping one morning a week, as a part of achieving balance, and also as a part of consolidating and being organized. And it helps having a great husband who backs me up with whatever I may need. I always make time for dowsing and potentizing, or any healing I may be called upon to do, regardless.

The rest of the time, is mine


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  1. Karl
    Oct 26, 2012 @ 02:04:05

    Thank you.

    Please tell me more about your home made eye drops, I’m interested.

    All the best, always… Karl

    – Karl Jacobs MD(MA) PhD Agent of Awareness, Choice and Change “consciousness is everything”

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    • thependulist
      Oct 26, 2012 @ 02:10:13

      Check out Daveshealing under eye conditions. He has a whole list of formulas based on your particular symptoms- he also teaches you how to relate your eyes to your health (i.e. glaucoma is the stony heart, stored anger, etc. bags under eyes indicate kidney issues). you can start with a simple lemon juice and distilled water blend and drop into eye-it’s like a window washer!