Natural Ways To Keep Family Disease-free

Some people just don’t get it and are still lining up for their flu shots, taking their teenagers in for the Hep B vaccination, and are loading their babies up with 37 vaccinations by the time they are a mere 18 months old. Looking back at my daughter’s records (she is now 26) her childhood vaccination program included 12 at the time, spread out over the first 2 or 3 years- look how the monster has grown.

Putting aside all the conspiracy theories about tracking devices being injected into folks when receiving the shot, and putting aside the conspiracy theories about deadly foreign agents being intentionally added to the brew, it just plain doesn’t make sense to risk death in order to be vaccinated for a non life threatening disease such as measles, mumps pertussis or rubella, or flu for that matter. Common sense has to step in here somewhere. Who gives/gets 50 different vaccinations after only a few short years of life. It is excessive to say the least.

But if vaccinations are a scam and do not reduce and prevent disease as billed, then how can we explain reduction in those diseases? It’s obvious from the AMA’s own documentation that vaccinations have little or no effect on the outcome of infectious disease deaths, and here are the other issues at play…If one looks at the history of the 20th century in the U.S. then it isn’t too difficult to see what has changed. This was the era of improved overall hygiene and adequate food, when clean and abundant water became the norm and when systems to clean wastes from public water supplies became standard. Soon septic and sewer systems separated people from disease. During this new time of relative plenty, people grew larger because of adequate food. In other words, it was a time of relative wealth and public works for good water and sewage treatment and this is the most likely reason behind the decrease in infectious diseases, not the medical system’s vaunted vaccinations.

So why are we vaccinating? This is the multi-billion dollar question. Parents usually have their children vaccinated because the idea of not doing it simply doesn’t occur. We have been thoroughly indoctrinated with the concept of “deadly” childhood diseases. Yet, there is no documentation showing that death rates from these diseases have been improved by vaccinations. As the data from the AMA itself shows, there is every reason to believe that these vaccinations are not effective, that we need to look to other reasons for the decrease in these disease deaths. Even more significantly, the AMA’s own data shows a possible link between an increase in death coinciding with vaccinations. Whether this is a cause-and-effect link is not proven at this time. However, with the AMA’s record of not looking into the effects of vaccinations – of not even requiring that after-effects be reported – it’s clear that the allopathic (standard) medical system is not going to sort this out. That leaves us with no option but to assume the worst –
that childhood vaccinations not only do little or no good, but they may be doing great harm. The billions to be made by the pharmaceutical companies and doctors themselves is the carrot that leads the pony back to his stall.

How do we keep ourselves and our families safe from disease?

  • Eat well, sleep well, and establish good hygiene such as frequent hand washing
  • Incorporate oil pulling and honey and cinnamon into your daily routine
  • Use the Sai Sanjeevini ‘swine flu’ pattern as a winter illness prophylactic, and you can use the homeopathic remedy Influenzinum at the 200c dose, twice, over 3  weeks, as a prophylatic as well.
  • Always have on hand aconite and the paper doctor ‘stimulate your healing’ to use at the first onset of almost any illness
  • There is a paper doctor remedy to prevent colds that you can touch before leaving the house, or any time you think you may have been exposed to illness
  • Keep your intention of good health- you will attract what you think and if you worry about getting sick you probably will

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