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Regardless of what topic I choose to write about, my readers overwhelmingly want to hear about Jani and Bodhi Schofield, ages 9 and 4, so I’m here to give you the latest update. From what I can find out, they are living a seemly ‘normal’ life, or, as normal as possible under the circumstances. At one time, the family rented 2 apartments in the same complex, as Jani, who suffers from early onset schizophrenia, was displaying violent behavior towards her brother.( Schizophrenia is a disabling brain disorder known for causing sensory hallucinations.)The parents chose this option because apparently the state was going to remove Jani from the house for everyone’s protection. Cases of childhood-onset schizophrenia such as Jani’s are rare and her’s is extremely serious. Further complicating the matter is Bodhi’s own disorder- autism, and he is also showing signs of possible early onset schizophrenia, although he is technically too young to ‘hold the title’. Paying two rents placed a financial strain on a family already struggling to afford various medications and psychiatric therapy. Susan, at 42, was laid off from her job as a news and traffic reporter ( September 2008). Michael at 36, took a leave from his job at a state university in the fall of 2009 to help care for Jani but has since returned to teaching.  He credits the financial support that the family received from friends and others for helping make the two-apartment solution possible.

Through various medications, therapies, and family and community support, the family is back together in one apartment, and the violence is under control and no longer a threat. Now Jani is participating in equine therapy and is on a new medication called Clozaril. I cannot image what it is like to have a daughter who suffers from violent hallucinations, on one hand, yet I cannot fathom giving my child Clozaril, after reading about it’s side effects, on the other. Here is the list of them;



increased salivation


dry mouth


headache, and then, call your doctor if any of this happens,

shaking hands that you cannot control



difficulty urinating or loss of bladder control


changes in vision



severe muscle stiffness



changes in behavior

sore throat

unusual bleeding or bruising

loss of appetite

upset stomach

yellowing of the skin or eyes

pain in the upper right part of the stomach

flu-like symptoms

lack of energy

This is a tough case- not easy and clear cut like Alison’s acid reflux, Nicole’s bed wetting, or my low thyroid condition, and in Jani’s extreme case, I might even consider some allopathic medicine, I said might- but my goodness, we have an entire universe full of healing power out there, that Jani is missing. I know what it is like to see your daughter ill and hurting- grasping for a solution you don’t ever think you will find, but then, wait…I learned to use my pendulum and ask my higher self , who obviously knows everything (or can find it our in a few clockwise circles). I ask my pendulum “show me the remedy that will most benefit Alison’s stomach ache” and my higher self chooses Arcenicum, which later cures the stomach, or “Show me the modality that will most benefit Brandi’s UT condition”, and my pendulum may show me ‘paper doctor’ and then ‘indigestion’ pattern. These are examples of how we deal with our medical conditions, big or small. In Jani’s case, my pendulum could help me with particular selections within a category as  I would be incorporating many many things, as an eclectic. The beauty part about this is, all these therapies work together in harmony and compliment each other. For Jani, I would recommend (along with everything else being done);

Sai Sanjeevini patterns, because Mom can make up a master remedy (to include the pattern for schizophrenia)  and easily prepare it daily by charging up her morning toast, or placing a small charged paper in her pillowcase at night, or even broadcasting the pattern using a witness of Jani (finger nail, hair spit, or photo).

Charka balancing– can put her picture (witness) on a Ruggerio chart- easy to do and requiring no ‘cooperation’ from a kid who may not always cooperate.  It can also be done using a pendulum and a chakra balancing dowsing wheel using a witness of Jani.

Sound therapy– determine her healing note (by dowsing) and just play it out loud so that she can hear it. Play music in the key of her healing note. Healing notes can also be written down and placed in pockets in inside pillowcases.

Color Therapy- determine healing color by dowsing and use these colors in the home- perhaps flowers or clothing of the healing color.  Healing colors can also be written down and placed in pockets or pillow cases, just like a healing note, or a rate, or really, anything.

Homeopathy- determined by dowsing and an ongoing process as the remedy selection can change.  The right remedy/remedies selected by either dowsing, or consulting a qualified homeopathic practitioner will prove to be paramount in this case.

This is just the tip of the iceberg- there is so much out there.

Susan or Michael, please 

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