Awakening From A Coma With Sai Sanjeevini

That’s the text message I just received from our good  friend Jessica.  Danny, a 14 year old beloved family friend of hers had been hit by a car and ended up unconscious at the  Hospital where he lay for 2 days, unresponsive. Apparently there was great swelling in the brain, a typical thing to happen with such an injury. Jimmie and I just got the news yesterday and sprung into action. We knew bringing down the swelling was the number one important thing in this case- there were no other apparent injuries other than the head. Jimmie directed Jessica as to how to broadcast 1m arnica to Danny immediately, which she did.

We must cover every angle- we asked for a photo of Danny, which Jessica sent over to our cell phone. Since we could not print it, we transmitted to his photo by setting a bottle of arnica 10m directly on the phone with the phone on and picture on the screen (a greater distance requires a higher potency).

This morning early we got an email photo of Danny and Jimmie promptly printed it and again began broadcasting 10m arnica. In addition, I made a Sai Sanjeevini mega formula and put Danny on it as well. The patterns included (amongst many others) emergency, injury, swelling, bleeding and blockage, and I also included patterns for mental and physical retardation, and vision and speech as a prophylactic, to insure that there will be no impairment whenever Danny regains consciousness. Jimmie also put his photo on a Ruggerio chart- amplifying his healing intention for Danny. And we wait.

It is now noontime, and I just received a message from Jessica…”Danny is awake!” I believe our collective healing brought Danny back to us and I can only say this, 

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