Natural Remedy For Dog Urinary Tract Infection

We haven’t beat Brandi’s urinary tract/bladder infection yet. We have tried an array of homeopathic remedies (dowsed for and potentized by Jimmie or myself). After selecting a remedy we read about it thoroughly to get further understanding about it. She has been on courses of Arnica, Antimonium crudum, Berberis vulgaris, and Baryta iodata- all great UT remedies. We seem to have a little progress, but no final cure- she still displays symptoms of painful urination, on and off. I know this sounds gross, but she expelled a clot yesterday, with a small amount of urine, so now she is back on Arnica. We decided to potentize a remedy made from a sample of the clot. We have done this type of healing before. When kitty O’Shay had diabetes  Jimmie made a remedy from her hair, which sealed her diabetic wound, improved her bathroom habits, and gave her one last year of life. I myself, am on ‘Madeleine’ made from me (hair, I do believe) as a constitutional remedy and also to help my feet, which it does. Alison also had a good result once too, when she had an incessantly itchy foot and nothing but nothing could relieve it. Jimmie whipped up something from her spit and voila, the itch subsided.

Sometimes, when everything that should be working just doesn’t fully cure the condition, this type of remedy made from self, can be very very effective. It is called isopathy, and is based on the homeopathic law of similars and is also secussed and prepared in the same manor. Brandi graciously left us a sample on the front porch and a healing gift was made from it, which she is now taking. And further we just discovered a rat drinking out of Brandi’s water bowl on the front porch.  Jimmie had just been reading about dogs getting sick from drinking this type of contaminated water and we put it all together- the urinary infection most likely came from drinking from the rat water and that is why Brandi never got better, as she kept re-infecting herself.  We have disposed of the water and Brandi’s bathroom habits have improved- no signs of painful urination and best of all, no more blood (or clots) at the completion of urination.  We are relieved and happy, and so is Brandi. And let this be a warning to all dog owners- do not leave food or water outside for your pets.  Wild birds, squirrels, and rats can drink from or bathe in the water, contaminating it.

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