Customize Your Dowsing Charts

How do we know that a particular patient might respond best to Sai Sanjeevini remedies, or how do we know if a patient might respond better to Bach flower remedies? Dowsing! We have the template for a blank dowsing wheel (in which you can insert the categories of any theme) and created a ‘best modality’ dowsing wheel. There are so many wonderful healing modalities, but selecting the one that will most benefit the patient can be learned through dowsing, otherwise, how will you know where to start? Here are the selections on our custom dowsing chart;

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Jimmie dowsed and asked which modality would benefit my sore burning feet the most. 2 years ago he created ‘Madeleine’ (a remedy made from self – isopathic) from my hair and distilled water, sucussed. I remember my original result as being good, but like many other things, it got pushed aside and forgotten. Last week for no apparent reason, my feet took a dive. I felt like they could hardly support me and were sore and burning from any standing or walking more than usual, regardless of how good the shoes. I measured my level by dowsing. Minus 6 severe ( minus 7 being critical). What a very poor rating, and my feet felt it. Jimmie dowsed for me, using his newly made dowsing wheel and my isopathic remedy was selected. We pulled it out of the frig (where it can last for years if cured with a drop of vodka and stored in an amber or blue sterile bottle) and I have been back on it for about 3 days now. I feel a vast improvement. The soreness and burning has melted off. My feet are comfortable in my shoes and I feel like taking a walk. I just dowsed for the overall condition of my feet and got plus 2- wow- from minus 6 to a plus 2, and as my husband says, nothing will cure me, but me!

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