The Benefit Of Revealing Secrets

Do you have a family secret that you have been harboring from your partner? Is it fear or embarrassment that keeps you from revealing the secret? Sharing a heavy family secret, such as molestation or physical abuse, is not an easy topic to discuss with anyone, let alone the one you love. Strangely enough rather than scare your partner off, revealing a deep secret can help couples grow emotionally closer and build a better bond for their future. I never knew this. I would think that discussing painful past secrets with their partner would only bring up those bad feelings that have been buried for so long, and what would be the point after so long, plus who knows for sure what the other would say and think if you told.

We can not press the delete button on our lives and erase the past however, we can start the healing process. This process starts with your partner. Revealing your secret will allow them to truly understand you in your fullest form. Then and only then will you both begin a new cycle of open communication. Revealing a painful past shows your partner that you are willing to expose your vulnerability. Your partner will get a sense of “realness” from you and a better picture of who you really are. Being true to yourself is an honest characteristic- is it therapeutic for you to discuss your painful past, but it will also create a tighter  stronger bond between you and your partner. Do not fear the truth.

If you are stuck, and unable to open up, and even if you have been hiding something for years and years, a Bach Flower Remedy called Crabapple may help. You can take the remedy orally (it’s like a tincture) or listen to the tone of it on a digital radionics sound device. The tone is very soothing.

Along with the keeping of and/or revealing of a secret comes an array of emotions- all of which can be handled with homeopathic remedies…do not feel you must engage in therapy, although it wouldn’t hurt, but a good homeopathic remedy can cut to the chase faster and surer…

Arsenicum album-  Anxious and afraid to be alone. Fear of death or disease. Restlessness leading to exhaustion. Controlling behavior of others and circumstances. Anxiety worse after midnight.

Gelsemium-  Anxiety with weakness and trembling. Needs support when standing- knees shake. Heaviness of eyelids and drowsiness. Wants to be alone.

Stramonium-   Symptoms usually develop after a frightful experience. Violence towards others from fear of being attacked or hurt. May hit, scratch, kick or bite (children especially). Fear of the dark. Feel much better in company and light.

Ignatia amara-  Main remedy for acute grief. Hysterical and changeable behavior  Angry outbursts and recriminations. Crying when alone rather than in public. Convulsive sobbing. Brooding and sighing. Sensation of lump in the throat. Refusal to eat.

Nux vomica-  Angry, irritable, driven and impatient. Irritable when interrupted or obliged to answer. Intolerant of others especially if they are perceived as being too slow or doing inappropriate things. Overindulgence in stimulants or alcohol.

Staphysagria-  Suppressed anger and indignation following humiliation or insult. Often needed by rape victims during disaster or war.
Choose your remedy by what symptoms fit, or dowse for the most beneficial remedy. You may also dowse for your healing color and note. If C is your healing note, listen to songs in the key of C. If yellow is your healing color, place some beautiful sunflowers in vase and admire it. You may also write down your healing note or color on a piece of paper and place in your pocket on inside your pillowcase.

In a loving relationship, you may feel the confidence to finally open up and share a past secret. It may take time to build the trust needed to be sure your partner will not turn this information against you, but I cannot stress enough that, the truth shall set you free.   

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