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I’ve been having dreams with dogs as the theme for many years now, not knowing just what it meant or implied. I decided to look into it. After much reading about the subject I found that the dog is my animal spirit totem. One of the most common animals that we humans have around us is the dog though there is no guarantee that if you have a dog around you, that the dog is your animal spirit totem.

When we think of dogs, we think of the following qualities;

  • Unconditional love
  • Undying loyalty
  • Protection
  • Nearly unbreakable spirit
  • Companionship
  • Helper
  • Knowing when trouble is close
  • An innate ability to sense good or evil in beings

If you are finding yourself with the dog as your animal spirit totem, you may want to ask yourself some questions. Do you have the proper companionship in your life? Do you have a lack of love? Do you allow yourself to receive love from others? Are you faithful to yourself? Is your spirit low? These are just some of the questions that an animal spirit totem dog can help you answer and heal in your own life. Dogs in dreams can be guides leading you to an area of your life you are having trouble looking at. When a dog shows up in a dream it shows you need protection, are being protected, or are protecting someone. Dogs in dreams may also indicate you are developing physic sense.

Here is some interesting interpretation to various dream theme scenarios involving dogs.

  • A guard dog indicates you need to be on guard.
  • A domestic dogs signifies happiness whereas a wild dogs signifies difficulties.
  • A dog out of control means you need some meditation.
  • If you save someone from a dog in your dream, in has to do with giving birth.
  • An injured dog means breach of trust and a dog betraying you in your dream means you feel you have a damaged relationship. If the dog has no companion, check to see if may be betraying your self, or self sabotaging.
  • A black dog symbolizes death. Since this is just symbolic, if could mean the end of something (a relationship, a transaction, etc).

All very interesting. If you want to find about the themes of your dreams you can do as I did and go to DreamMoods.com for a wealth of information about dreams, and an A-Z dictionary of all the symbols which you can look up after any dream you have. My reading on this subject and preparing this article solved many dream mysteries I have had, and also raised my 

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