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Here we go again with some very interesting questions and answers. Readers ask, and I reply…

“Can the tetanus vaccine cause narcolepsy?” The answer is yes. Dr. Mercola details a Danish study confirming and talks about the harmful effects of vaccines around the world.


“Can a body’s PH be determined by dowsing?” Yes, and you can make your own PH dowsing wheel using a blank template and inserting a PH spectrum of numbers, perhaps 4-9, with 7.3 being in perfect balance.

“Can Sai Sanjeevini heal kidney stones?” Yes, of course. For this condition, I would also be drinking a cocktail of hydrangea root tincture, apple juice and vinegar, and would be taking Berbis (homeopathic). For the prayer patterns, I would make a combination of patterns including SC12 cleansing and kidney.

“Can homeopathy cure homosexuality?” Homeopathy can bring the body back to homeostasis which may include a decrease or absence of homosexual feelings, and then again it might not. As I have said before, if someone is comfortable in their own skin, they probably have achieved balance in that area.

“Will oil pulling shrink gum pockets?” Absolutely. Oil Pulling has reduced my gum pockets, and whitened and straightened my teeth!


vaccinationSometimes I don’t get a question- it’s just a statement. Here is a common one… “I regret vaccinating my daughter.” All I can say to that is, “So do I, so do I.”


“Can you dowse to determine weather or not my husband has crossed the line and is having an affair?” You can, but not I.  I would never dowse to nail a cheating husband, but I would dowse to find a remedy for the jealous wife, and maybe one for the philandering husband too!

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