Homeopathy Is Bad For Business

By far, the subject most asked about by my readers is “How are Jani and Bodhi” or “Is Bodhi schizophrenic?” or similar questions. I too have great interest and have written many articles regarding them and possible healing modalities that the parents might incorporate to help their children, always underlining the fact that Susan and Michael are clearly devoted parents, in a class all their own. But the question is, ‘Have they left any stone unturned, and if so, why?”.

An angry reader said to me “How can anyone on earth judge these parents?”. I agree- I try never to judge- it clouds the kind of clear thinking we need for healing. The reader went on to say “To suggest that there is any other recourse for this child is ignorant”.  ???????????????????????????????????????????   There is also an implication that if it is free and not popular, it can’t possibly work. Now here is where we have a difference of opinion.

Least we forget, the healing arts were not always ‘big business’, and the general philosophy of how we handle sickness has changed over time- particularly the last 200 years or so. Society tells us to listen to our health care processionals and do what we are told to do- they know best. Let’s put it this way- if you were a surgeon who made his living removing tumors, you might be just a little upset to hear about a flower tincture that you can drop on a tumor, making it disappear in 2 weeks. This tincture costs about $14, and does not require a prescription. So bringing this tincture to the public will certainly put this surgeon out of business, nor can the pharmacist count on making anything on this, either. So you see, natural healing is competing financially with the AMA and Big Pharma. Now let’s go back in history…

Homeopathy became spectacularly popular in the United States and Europe in the 1800s and its strongest advocates included European royalty, American entrepreneurs, literary giants, and religious leaders. But at the time that it was gaining widespread popularity, it became the object of deep-seated animosity and vigilant opposition from establishment medicine. The conflict between homeopathy and orthodox medicine was protracted and bitter. John D Rockefeller was instrumental in having all the homeopathic schools and hospitals shut down as a result of a very slanted ‘Flexner Report’. He also succeeded in closing down chiropractic schools, black nursing schools, osteopaths, he also condemned midwives- anything that did not include the white, rich, good old boys. Here is some good reading, for any of you who think it isn’t plastered all over the internet!



Ok, that should have kept you busy for a while. Now, in a nutshell, anything free (or cheap), natural and without toxicity , easy to obtain, and self manageable, is an economic threat to conventional medicine as we know it. Period. That is partially why the AMA and Big Pharma cling tightly to their ways- to deny them would be financial suicide, unless, they themselves converted, and I don’t see that happening yet. Natural medicine of every kind, is just bad for business.

I love the old Chinese way of doing things. Each healthy family leaves a coin outside in a special bowl for the town healer to collect each day. The healer also goes into the town and talks to the people about good health, staying healthy, etc. The healer has a vested interest in the town’s health, after all, he earns a coin from each healthy family everyday. But when he arrives at a home and there is no coin, that means someone is sick and he must go inside and heal the person. The healer recieves no pay for healing. This is the ultimate, in my opinion.  

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