Healing Dogs With Homeopathy

If it’s not one thing, it’s another, and we haven’t stopped. We are working on 2 dogs, our Brandi, and Miss Daisy, next door- both are older dogs. We are winding down a urinary tract disturbance with Brandi, and Daisy has hot spots and bad hips (she is a bull dog). As usual, all remedies we use have been realized or potentized and selected via pendulum, and since there is no possible placebo when treating dogs it is clear they both responded well to their respective remedies. Jimmie uses a spray bottle to deliver 10c Belladonna, a mainstay in our homeopathic medicine cabinet. It is great for hot spots or bringing down any inflammation  This has been very good for Daisy. I also used a mix of Aconite and Arnica last week when Daisy couldn’t pull herself up from a laying down position. It was a big emergency and I was called over to try to help- we laced some cheese with the remedies which she ate, and within 10 minutes or less, she was up on her feet. We have brought Brandi full circle using Arnica 1m, an isopathic remedy made from her clot, Byarta, Berbis, and now back to Arnica at the 6c dose. Her bathroom habits are back to normal and we hardly see any blood. We keep a drawer full of various amber bottles with tops or eye droppers which we use for specimen collection or remedy storage, depending.

Having the right tools on hand and being organized are a must. We work with so many systems that we have put together a notebook for each, along with a notebook of dowsing charts and one for radionics charts, and can reach for what we need at the flip of a tab!

I have also been working on unity, particularly family unity, using Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns which include SSC1 (basic combination for anger, anxiety, depression, entities, fears, hyperactivity, indecisiveness, phobias, resentment, schizophrenia, sleep disorders, stress, and violence) as well as patterns for greed, compassion, ego, respect for all women, yearning for selfless service, karma, and many more prayers. Remember, when broadcasting you should refresh your prayers every day or so.

I am busy indeed, and here is what my                              ‘list of things to do’ looks like;

  • Order bulk herbs– fennel and golden rod for eye wash and nettles for hair
  • Refresh Sai Sanjeveenis
  • Dowse for a remedy for a friend in need
  • Make a batch of honey and cinnamon
  • stop at grocery store– need cold pressed oil for swishing and apples and ginger for juicing
  • bring a plate of food to my 89 year old neighbor

I am privillaged  to have the opportunity to accomplish such tasks.

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