Can Lachesis Cure Homosexuality?

If I didn’t answer your questions, I wouldn’t be doing a very good job, so…

Can Lachesis cure homosexuality?-  If a gay person is not comfortable in his own skin and wants a remedy, Lachesis might be one of many that may (or may not) reduce the homosexual feelings. Holistically thinking, there must be more to balance, than just that one component, and we must look at the ‘whole’ picture and bring the whole body into homeostasis, and when that is achieved hopefully so will a comfort level regarding sexuality, regardless of orientation.

What is the best isopathic remedy for a chronic bladder infection?-  Probably a drop of your own urine prepared int the homeopathic manor , but I would dowse first to see if it would benefit you.

Do metaphysical pursuits cause excessive thirst?-  Yes. Must drink copious amounts of water, even if you don’t feel thirsty.  Remember, we are 72% water.

Tell me more about heroin chippers- They make up the bulk of all heroin

users, and practice harm reduction, often referring to ‘The Little Book’.  But the ultimate harm reduction is to stop using entirely.

Did the 1978 Hep B vaccine start AIDS?-  According to all my research, Yes.

Can dowsing cure autism?- Dowsing in and of itself is not a cure- it is for gathering information, or for searching. You can dowse for the modality that will most benefit the autistic person, or for the Bach flower remedy or homeopathic remedy that will most benefit him. If you yourself do not dowse, but still want to use natural medicine, take him to a professional natural healer who uses a conventional rubrics to select a remedy.

Will Yerba Mate antidote homeopathic remedies?-  No, it is a good compliment to all natural healing modalities and I have never heard or read to the contrary.

Is Jani Schofield faking it?-  In a word , No.

What are the radionic frequencies for the 72 names of God- When I type in GOD on my digital radionics software, I get a rate of 10498048 and a pitch of  320.38 .  But is not that simple- there is also a 33 letter name for God, a 43 letter name for God, a 22 letter name for God, and of course,  the 304,805 letter name for God, which we call ‘The Torah’.

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