Managing Life And Relationships Using The Planetary Days And Hours

planetary hoursI was on my way to pick up Alison and my cell phone rang, ding -a-ling -a-ling. It was Jimmie with a quick warning… “It’s the hour of Mars- don’t be surprised if the conversation becomes aggressive and quickly turns to argument. Wait until 2 o’clock, the hour of Mercury, to talk about anything important.” I knew exactly what he meant, thanked him for the heads-up, and continued my ride to Cheviot Hills. Upon my arrival, my daughter jumped in the car, and as if the script had already been written, her warm greeting suddenly and surely turned to complaint and bickering. But I was ready for this and quickly defused the situation turning the conversation to something mundane, all the while using soft voice tones. I waited until 2 o’clock to re-visit the conversation that was earlier going awry and it went invariably smoother this time.

Astrology has become comprehensibly important to us in understanding the astrologydaily dynamics of the universe and how this all effects our lives and our relationships- as Jimmie calls it, ‘celestial mechanics’. And for healing, the ‘date of birth’ is the first pertinent question we now ask. Recognizing the ‘slow and plotting’ way of the Capricorn, or the ‘protective, intuitive, and sympathetic’ Cancer, gives us a snap shot of the traits and characteristics of a person which helps us put the case together. It also helps us know our mate, our children, our parents, and our bosses! It helps us understand certain dynamics when they arise, and this recognition leads to the ability to adjust to accordingly.

Not only are the hours ruled by certain planets, but so do the days have a planetary ruler. Using the planetary days/hours to make certain plans makes great sense. I keep the planetary hours on my cell phone desktop, for easy reference.  You can go to to do the same.  Here are some events I may want to consider checking the planetary hour before making final plans…

Asking my boss for a raise- Because I want an increase, I would talk to my ask for raiseboss on a Thursday, ruled by Jupiter and pertaining to good luck and increase. I would also plan the meeting during the hour of Mercury which covers good communication.

date nightPlanning date night with Hubby-  Friday is ruled by Venus-  a good day to do anything pertaining to marriage.  If I’m trying to get lucky I’ll most definitely have the night  ending in the hours of Venus and Jupiter, pertaining to pleasure and increase- need I say more?

Make travel plans- I may choose to travel on a Wednesday, planeruled by Mercury, which pertains to travel.  I may also choose to depart during the hour of Jupiter, which pertains to long distance travel and good luck.

Of course there is much more to managing a relationship than just being aware of the what planet rules the day or the hour. As my husband told me, “It takes constant work to keep a relationship alive and healthy- great effort- but you’re worth it! Awe


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