Updates On Natural Healing Cases

demandsDemands for healing are getting higher, but I am absolutely delighted to help. Happily I report the following;

Nicole no longer wets the bed– I dowsed for the best remedy for her bedwetting and got Arcenicum. Nicole’s mom potentized the remedy herself, and Nicole was cured upon taking the first dowse.

Alison is 8 months clean– some of the homeopathic remedies used over time, on and off, included lac humanun, nux vomica (for my nux warrior), tobacum, and aconite. We also used a series of Ruggerios charts as well as Sai Sanjeevini prayers.   Although we used many charts and remedies, at the end of the day it was her free will that won out.This is the best news I could ever report.

Danny has come home, and is now doing outpatient vocational therapy. He made an amazing recovery aided by Sai Sanjeevini prayer patterns and homeopathic remedies that were all broadcasted. Without even taking a live dose, I believe our methods were largely responsible for  his coming out of a coma. Included in the Sanjeevini prayer for coma, we set up patterns for speech, memory, vision, and fitness, to insure that there would be minimum residual damage and apparently prayers were answered.

Jimmie’s kidney stones were dissolved and he avoided surgery with the use of hydrangea root tincture blended with apple cider vinegar, apple juice, and distilled water. He left the hospital AMA (against medical advice) and was told he would die if he didn’t get the surgery, but luckily the doctor was wrong.

My random night time leg cramps were eliminated with a course of Carbo animalis, which addresses ‘little veins’. I dowsed for the remedy and then potentized it. The improvement was measured with a pressure test done on the calves with a blood pressure cuff, and I can also tell you I have had no leg cramps since taking the Carbo in July.

But there is sooooooo much more to be done…

  • I have to put a dear friend who has lost his job and car on Ruggerio’s chart for ‘chance and personal success.’
  • Another friend of mine has a son who is sick. I’ll be dowsing for a remedy for him since she does not yet dowse, and then she will potentize it after I select it.
  • I need to preserve the isopathic remedy Jimmie just made for me. I take it from the decagon to a sterile amber bottle and cure it with a few drops of Vodka. This will last indefinitely in the refrigerator. The isopathic remedy is actually made from a snip of my hair.
  • We are currently working on removing warts from the foot and hands of the daughter of another family friend. Jimmie is broadcasting Thuja occidental (potentized, of course), and used it topically as well. The warts are either smaller or gone.
  • Both Daisy and Brandi (dogs) still need work. Daisy has hot spots getting better by being sprayed with Belladonna 10c (home potentized and housed in a convenient small blue glass  sterile spray bottle), and Brandi still has UT issues- she is now on Bellis.

Every day is a new case, a new set of symptoms, a new use of a remedy, a new idea. As my ‘list of things to do’ grows, and as the night gets long,   I wonder                                           
what will tomorrow bring

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