The Pick Of The Pendulum

sickLast night I got a call from Alison who was feeling under the weather and had a sore throat, and earlier in the day had been complaining about a hoarse voice. She has been under lots of stress lately related to finances, and employment and such. My initial thought was to bring her a remedy, as she lives not more that 30 minutes away and I always keep a ton of stuff on hand or can make virtually anything, but then we have done so much good work with broadcasting and charts, I think I’ll try that first and wait and see , before heading over to Cheviot Hills in rush hours traffic. Not only can I broadcast, I phonecan actually send her a dose of whatever remedy I choose, over the phone. You heard right! Dr. Sahni has 30 years of well documented success using this method, and has several other awesome healing methods you can read about but we will leave discussion and detail for another article.

My daughter requested Occicilium, a well know natural flu remedy which seemed like a reasonable pick and had decided to send her boyfriend out to get some and save me the trip. Hold up Michael, let me dowse first! I dowsed for the most beneficial remedy for Alison’s current sore throat and flu condition, and got Calc phos. Putting this a side for a moment, I dowsed further to see if she would benefit from the Occicilium or Tom’s super flu remedy. My pendulum indicated both were good, but Occicilum was the better pick. I meerly put one remedy to the left and one to the right, and asked my pendulum to point to the best remedy, and it swung strongly towards the Occicilum.

hairUsing a lock of her hair and the remedy which we put on a decagon, we placed a call to Alison and when she answered, the remedy transmission began. “I am transmitting your remedies to you now.” “Thank’s Mom” she replied, followed by a long heavy sigh.

I have so much confidence in my ability to dowse for a remedy now, that my reading about the remedy I just selected is less to confirm a good pick, but more to learn more about the remedy and what it covers, etc. Who knows what secrets and information my higher self discovered and what connection the remedy really has to the case, that my ‘lower’ self  nor a conventional intake or rubrics would never recognize. Example- once I had an issue with an itch in my ear, dowsed, and came up with Borax. The Borax gave immediate relief to my ear, but what I was not aware of (but my higher self was) was that Borax covers panic attacks too, and I had had one in the subway a few weeks ago. (Check out my story called Dowsing At It’s Finest,  at  Had I consulted a professional homeopath about the itch in my ear, my panic attack 2 weeks prior might never have been revealed,  thus  Borax might be excluded in the rubric, but obviously my higher self misses nothing!

When I research a remedy I use (amongst may other references) THE HOMEOPATHIC MATERIA MEDICA by William BOERICKE, M.D., a fabulous wealth of information which you can find at, but what is my point? I read about Calc phos and of course it is a good flu remedy and covers the stress factors preceding, but I read further and find that 2 conditions of the Calc rubric1phos patient are ‘involuntary sighing’ and ‘hoarseness’.                 I challenge  any conventional rubrics to my dowsing        pendulum1

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