My Own Healing Techniques

girlMy neighbor friend (10 years old) calls me the ‘potion maker’, and Jimmie, the ‘doctor’. Whenever she has any kind of health issue, she is at our door asking for help. Actually, we treat the whole family, dog and all. What started as our personal quest for good health, branched out to trying to ‘save the world’. Not a bad goal, but what compels me to do what I do? Don’t know, but if I can ease the pain of just one sad soul, it will have been enough. It may be the part of ‘me’ that is ‘them’, that drives me. Jimmie and I not only wish to heal others- we try to heal each other as well. My latest healing was hands-on Jimmie, whose old knee injury was acting up. This is my own personal technique for hands-on healing, and a new method for delivering homeopathy, too;

  • First I select homeopathic remedies that I think may help the condition. I might have an idea in my head of what I want to use, or I may dowse for the most beneficial remedy or remedies. In this case I chose Arnica for an old injury, Hypercuium for pain (which he was experiencing), and Simms to promote bone regrowth.
  • Then I place my right hand on the injured area, and my left hand somewhere else on the body to ‘complete the circuit.’                                  healing hands
  • I ask God to remove the pain and heal the knee and I then direct the body in such a way as to take it through the process of healing. First I tell the pain to leave and then I introduce the remedies, one at a time, directing them into the body for the specific purpose I had in mind for each, for example “Send in Arnica to heal the old injury.” I merely use my God given power of which I never knew I had until I tried it out.

After about 5 minutes I removed my hands and got the progress report. “Much better” he said,  confirmed by our both touching of the area and finding a ‘firm hard surface’ replacing a previously  ‘spongy dent’ to the side of the knee.  There were no  x-rays, no toxic medications, no expense- not even a trip to the chiropractor (which would have been highly appropriate and probably very beneficial), but again, we took the road less traveled.road1

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