Some Great Questions And Answers


I do believe that some of my most interesting articles are those that answer your questions…

Why do people on heroin gargle with salt water? Hmmmm, never heardgargle of it before and couldn’t find any reference to it anywhere. I can only conjecture that it might relieve the raspy voice that accompanies heroin use. Heroin effects the vocal cords and salt water is a natural throat soother- that’s all I can come up with.


Will oil pulling work for chronic Hep B? I searched high and low reading testimonials about oil pulling benefits, but none about Hep B. That does not mean that it won’t benefit- I would do this therapy along with anything else you might do. I myself have been oil pulling consistently now for about 10 weeks. I can report whiter, straighter teeth, and the root canaled teeth that were acting up, have settled down 100%, and have no idea what other health benefits I will have in the future, from doing it. I swear by oil pulling.

What is the correct dosage on Oscillococcinum? The instructions on oscillo_6Boiron Homeopathics Oscillococcinum Flu Remedy say 1 dose (which is one tube of pellets) every 6 hours up to 3 times a day. I myself prefer to drop a few pellets in water (about only 5 pellets), dissolve, and sip every 15 minutes until symptoms start to subside. If aggravation ensues,  back off frequency.

syringeI regret vaccinating my daughter. This is a lamenting statement that is sent to me many times every month, and I always respond with the same    “So do I”.


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